Saturday, 28 July 2012

Leibstered Again

Now, this is really humbling. A couple of days ago Vaishali Jain who blogs atCosmuse awarded me with the "The Liebster Blog Award". Today another very talented upcoming blogger, Vaishali Shelatkar who blogs at Soul Curry has conferred it on me again. While I humbly accept the award, I must confess guys that I'm not worthy of this double honour.

I'll answer her questions though.

1) In Love ..would you fight for Love or Sacrifice ?

2) Preferred mode of Travel - cycle / rickshaw/ bus/ train/ car/ flight/ parachute ?

3) Are you a good cook ? 


4) Would you like to get wet -- under the shower or in the Rains ?

Shower (Had it not been for my sinus problem, I'd have definitely gone for the rain.)

5) Do you belive in Magic ?

Yeah, at times I do.

6) What if God meets you and asks you one of your wish to be completed ?

Increase resources (whatever they might be) so that no body starves.

7) Any crazy thing you would like to do in life ?

Become Robin Hood

8) Do you have people in ur life, whom you love from the bottom of your heart, and
you still have to tell them this ?


9) Have you walked on the sands bare footed ? 

So many times

10) Have you ever slept watching the open sky ? 


11) Have you been true to yourself in life ?

Mostly I tell myself the truth to avoid / minimize possible disappointment.

As for my nominees I've already chosen them and informed them individually.