Friday 31 August 2012

Desired Things For Life

Almost five years ago when I was interning with a prestigious law firm at Churchgate, Mumbai, beside feeling the thrill of being on my own in a far off land I was also undergoing an inevitable disillusionment about my desire for leaving my hometown and settling down in Mumbai. I had led myself to believe that I was the proverbial 'small town' boy succumbing to the lure of etching a name for myself. But I eventually discovered that the engraving would be on a wall where so many names were already shining. And there was a mad race for owning up whatever space is left therein. I wasn't ready and probably amn't yet ready for that mad race. This wasn't what I exactly wanted when I'd said that I wanted to go out and do something on my own. Years and a few layers of maturity later, I would owe up the blame. It was my novice perception, my mistaking of a glorified arena for an utopia that had led to the heartbreak.

Strolling down the by lanes of the bustling city and meekly confronting the seasoned vendors and hawkers over the price of stuffs I wanted to buy, I stumbled upon a regularly styled piece of a wall hanging with absolutely extraordinary verses of inspirational ideas written on it. It was legendary. By the time I finished reading it, I had already begun experiencing arousal of a subsiding zeal, to go face the world despite being naive and ordinary, to stand in the arena despite being weak and inexperienced, to believe in myself despite a recurring realization that there is nothing special about me, to believe that I did not selflessly love for nothing and that there is hope for good despite palpable bad all around. It inspired faith. 

The author's name was missing. I purchased it without wasting a word over bargaining it's price. I had made up my mind that it was priceless. Five years have passed since. Not a day goes by when I don't thank the schemer of things, for having brought us two together. Not a single line of it has yet lost it's relevance. It never will. I feel like a fool for not having shared these lines through my blog. It's worth a hundred times over than anything else that I've shared. But that's not the only reason why I'm blogging about it today. The real reason why I'm blogging about it today is because today I have not only discovered it's author but I have also found out that the timeless piece has a name too. It's called Desiderata and it's written by an American author named Max Ehrmann. 

My heart felt thanks to Manreet Sodhi Someshwar (a name which saves me from the labour of rendering it an introduction or endorsement, especially when stalwarts like Khushwant Singh ji and Gulzaar Saab have already spoken greatly about her.) She blogs at The Long Walk Home
Had Manreet not blogged about Desiderata, I would have probably remained in dark about it's author. So Thank You Manreet for sharing your inspiring memories with Desiderata. Now the great thing is that even she has narrated life experiences which only echo what millions others must have felt by reading Desiderata. By the way Desiderata means "Desired Things" and it immortally reads as thus :-

Go placidly amidst the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. 

As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. 

Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. 

Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexatious to the spirit. 

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. 

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. 

Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. 

Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass. 

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. 

Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. 

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. 

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. 

Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. 

With all its shams, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful.

Strive to be Happy.

My most favourite lines -

"Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune."


"With all its shams, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world"


Thursday 30 August 2012

Speeches By Sri Ram Jethmalani - I

Do you agree that we need more of such speakers / members in our Parliament than the ones who simply induce chaos and disturbance ?

Upright, Fearless & Eloquent

There are unfortunately a very few such examples in our Parliament.

Speeches By Sri Ram Jethmalani - II

Do you agree that we need more of such speakers / members in our Parliament than the ones who simply induce chaos and disturbance ?

Upright, Fearless and Eloquent

There are unfortunately a very few such examples in our Parliament.

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Exploring Our Justice Delivery System

  1. )            On Law Making & Myths About the Justice Delivery System
      " Avinash : You know, at times I really think that the law is aptly called blind. Why else is there 
                      so much injustice all around, despite libraries full of Codes, Laws, Regulations and 
                      Rules in our country. The discontentment has climbed upto an extent where people 
                      call law an a** . Ever thought why is it so ?

       Me :        I think it’s mostly because of the popular perception that law serves the interests of 
                     only the powerful and the privileged, while the un privileged suffer................... "

                    (Read more at On Law Making & Myths About the Justice Delivery System)

     2. )           On Free Speech, Media Trial & Prejudice

                   "There's nothing more sanctimonious in any democracy than the freedom of speech 
                    and expression. But we must understand that like any other freedom, it too is not 
                    absolute and it is subject to reasonable regulations and restrictions................"

                    (Read More at On Free Speech, Media Trial & Prejudice )

     3.)           Justice in Jeopardy... Why ?

                  " ....what is essential in this context is that when we read or hear against our judicial 
                    system we, as responsible persons, must also strive to analyse the cause (s) behind those 
                    facts.... "

                   (Read More at Justice in Jeopardy... Why ? )


Supreme Court Thrashes Media Coverage of 26/11 Incident

While we are hailing the prevalence of justice, in the Kasab episode, let us also take a moment's time to consider what the Hon'ble Supreme Court has said about the manner in which media covered the story and broadcast it over their channels. Now, there cannot be any double standard in accepting the verdict which the Apex Court has handed in Ajmal Kasab's case by upholding the death sentcence awarded to him by the Hon'ble Bombay High Court. One has to therefore also pay attention and weightage to other related observations made by Hon'ble Justice Aftab Alam and Hon'ble Justice C.K. Prasad while delivering their judgment. They came down heavily on the media and made a scathing criticism of the electronic media's "reckless coverage" of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and observed that instead of serving the interests of the nation, T.V. channels made it difficult for the security forces to fight back. Live telecast of the operations could have even resulted in security personnel suffering casualties, they added.

Taking note of the tapped conversations between the attackers and their collaborators across the border, the court said "coverage helped the assailants counter security movements as their positions were being reported live."  " The operational movements were being watched by the collaborators across the border on TV screens and being communicated to the terrorists," the court added. On the other hand security forces had no means to know terrorists' exact position or even the kind of firearms and explosives they possessed. "Any attempt to justify the conduct of the TV channels by citing the right to freedom of speech and expression would be totally wrong and unacceptable in such a situation. The freedom of expression, like all other freedoms under Article 19, is subject to reasonable restrictions," the bench remarked.

Ripping into the minute-by-minute coverage of the “enemy action,” the bench held that “by covering live the terrorist attack on Mumbai in the way it was done, the Indian TV channels were not serving any national interest or social cause”. The channels, the judges said, “were acting in their own commercial interests putting the national security in jeopardy”. Backing the contention of security agencies and the evidence they had gathered, the court said that the live telecast gave the attackers an edge as their handlers in Pakistan watched the movement of security forces and alerted the terrorists by phone. It underlined that all channels were competing with each other in showing the latest developments, including the positions and movements of security forces.

These shots and visuals could have been telecast after all the terrorists were neutralised and the security operations were over, the court added. “But, in that case the TV programmes would not have had the same shrill, scintillating and chilling effect and would not have shot up the TRP ratings of the channels,” it said.   The coverage of the Mumbai terror attack by the mainstream electronic media has done much harm to the argument that any regulatory mechanism for the media must only come from within," the bench further observed.  It is in such extreme cases that the credibility of  an institution is tested." 

(Information Courtesy: Indian Express and Hindustan Times)

Monday 27 August 2012

It's Raining Friends (200 members in 6 months)

About two months back I published a "Thank You" post on earning 100 members. It had happened on the fourth month of my blogging.
Today I earned my 200th member.

I can never thank enough my dear readers for their undying support and encouragement, which they have showered upon my works. In these 6 months I've published stories, poetry, articles concerning legal, social and national significance. I have also created & published videos. And each and every time I've been encouraged and comforted by the kindness of my readers.

I'm so very much humbled by such gesture.

I also thank each and every other member of my blog who is valuable, indispensable and important to me in my journey of blogging. When I started blogging exactly 6 months back, you guys kept stepping aboard even when my blog was nothing compared to those superb ones out there. You showed that you're always ready to welcome whole heartedly anyone into your creative club. Even today as I try hard to keep up to your expectations, your encouragement & amazing support and genuine review of my works have been tremendously inspirational and motivating for me.

I thank each and every member of my blog for his / her support. I also thank my awesome co bloggers who, though not members of my blog, have nevertheless  kept me continuously motivated by their generous appreciation.

Thank You All once again for the love and support you guys have provided me with.


Saturday 25 August 2012

Why A Lawyer Must Defend A Perceived Criminal

Very often we find ourselves nurturing anger and hostility against lawyers because we can't help ourselves from thinking that they defend criminals and the corrupt and ultimately, many a times, aid them to escape the clutches of law. 

This video will perhaps clarify the notion of many, that lawyers do a great disservice to this country by choosing to defend the perceived corrupt / unpopular persons in Court. In this conversation, Mr. Ram Jethmalani, a lawyer who requires no endorsement of his excellence in the field of law, cites the very famous speech of Lord Erskine, perhaps one of the greatest legal minds that ever was, who went against his friends and family to defend Thomas Paine who had been charged with seditious libel after the publication of the second part of his Rights of Man. This speech was rendered by him during the trial. Erskine's speech is also remembered for a passage on the duty of barristers to take on even unpopular cases.

I'm quoting that speech of Lord Erskine which you'll find Mr. Jethmalani reiterating in this video.

"My name and character have been the topic of injurious reflection. And for what ? Only for not having shrunk from discharge of a duty which no personal advantage recommended, and which a thousand difficulties repent. But gentlemen (of the jury) I’ve no complain to make either against the printers of these libels nor even against their authors. The greater part of them ….may have believed that they were serving their country by rendering me the object of it’s suspicion and contempt and if there have been amongst them others, who are mixed in it from personal malice and unkindness, I thank God that I can forgive them also. Little indeed they know me who thought that such calumnies could influence my conduct. I will for ever, at all hazards, assert the dignity, independence, and integrity of the English Bar, without which impartial justice, the most valuable part of the English constitution, can have no existence. From the moment that any advocate can be permitted to say that he will not stand between the Crown and the subject arraigned in the court where he daily sits to practice, from that moment the liberties of England are at an end.  If the advocate refuses to defend from what he may think of the charge or the defense, he assumes the character of the Judge nay before the hour of judgment and in proportion to the risk, rank and reputation puts the heavy influence of perhaps a mistaken opinion into the scale against the accused in whose favour the benevolent principle of English law makes all presumptions and which commands the very Judge to be his counsel."

To what does this principle owe its basis ? Well, it owes its basis to the  "law". That law, which is nothing but legal enactments of our Parliament.  And the will of the Parliament is nothing but the will of the people. It's the people of this country who through their representatives in the Parliament have created this principle that "no man will be condemned without being given a fair chance to defend himself". Therefore no matter what we may infer about the real motive behind why lawyers do what they do, this principle remains the bedrock on which it's justified.

Law Against Dishonest Misappropriation Of Property

Ever wondered what legal consequences could follow if you, for example,  pick up an unclaimed  hundred rupee note lying on the road and happily use it for your own gains. 

Well, your action could be labelled as criminal misappropriation. 

As per Section 403 of IPC criminal misappropriation means dishonestly misappropriating or converting to one's own use any movable property. The term "dishonestly" under law means doing anything with the intention of unlawfully gaining a property to which the person gaining is not legally entitled or unlawfully causing loss of such property to any person to which the person losing is entitled. 

The prescribed punishment for this offence is imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.


(a) A takes property belonging to Z out of Z’s possession, in good faith believing, at the time when he takes it, that the property belongs to himself. A is not guilty of theft; but if A, after discovering his mistake, dishonestly appropriates the property to his own use, he is guilty of an offence under this section.

(b) A, being on friendly terms with Z, goes into Z’s library in Z’s absence, and takes away a book without Z’s express consent. Here, if A was under the impression that he had Z’s implied consent to take the book for the purpose of reading it, A has not committed theft. But, if A afterwards sells the book for his own benefit, he is guilty of an offence under this section.

(c) A and B, being joint owners of a horse, A takes the horse out of B’s possession, intending to use it. Here, as A has a right to use the horse, he does not dishonestly misappropriate it. But, if A sells the horse and appropriates the whole proceeds to his own use, he is guilty of an offence under this section.

Explanation 1.—A dishonest misappropriation for a time only is a misappropriation within the meaning of this section.


A finds an ornament belonging to Z. A, knowing that it belongs to Z, pledges it with a banker as a security for a loan, intending at a future time to restore it to Z. A has committed an offence under this section. Even though he may intend to return the money and the ornament. The offence is complete the moment A pledges it and takes the money.

Explanation 2.—A person who finds property not in the possession of any other person, and takes such property for the purpose of protecting it for, or of restoring it to, the owner, does not take or misappropriate it dishonestly and is not guilty of an offence ; but he is guilty of the offence above defined, if he appropriates it to his own use, when he knows or has the means of discovering the owner, or before he has used reasonable means to discover and give notice to the owner and has kept the property a reasonable time to enable the owner to claim it.

What are reasonable means or what is a reasonable time in such a case will vary from circumstances in one case to another.

It is not necessary that the finder should know who is the owner of the property, or that any particular person is the owner of it ;  the offence is committed if, at the time of appropriating it, he does not believe it to be his own property, or in good faith believe that the real owner cannot be found.


(a) A finds a rupee on the high road, not knowing to whom the rupee belongs. A picks up the rupee. Here A has not committed the offence defined in this section. Only picking up an abandoned note is not an offence. The offence is committed when the person picking it up nurtures a bona fide belief that it's real owner can be found but still uses the money without attempting to search for him.

(b) A finds a letter on the road, containing a bank note. From the direction and contents of the letter he learns to whom the note belongs. He appropriates the note. He is guilty of an offence under this section.

(c) A finds a cheque payable to bearer. He can form no conjecture as to the person who has lost the cheque. But the name of the person, who has drawn the cheque, appears. A knows that this person can direct him to the person in whose favour the cheque was drawn. A appropriates the cheque without attempting to discover the owner. He is guilty of an offence under this section.

(d) A sees Z drop his purse with money in it. A picks up the purse with the intention of restoring it to Z, but afterwards appropriates it to his own use. A has committed an offence under this section.

(e) A finds a purse with money, not knowing to whom it belongs ; he afterwards discovers that it belongs to Z, and appropriates it to his own use. A is guilty of an offence under this section.

(f) A finds a valuable ring, not knowing to whom it belongs. A sells it immediately without attempting to discover the owner. A is guilty of an offence under this section.

Friday 24 August 2012

So You Reap

At the age of fifteen, when Nakul was an introvert backbencher in the seventh standard, he found a crumpled wad of fifty rupees note, partially submerged in the wet dirt just by the side of the common drinking water tap at school. He held up the note and made a circle on his feet scanning for it's heckled searcher.  Now the question that stared him in his face like a fire breathing dragon from the 5 P.M. cartoon show, was that, should he pocket it or put it back from where he picked it. He realized at that moment more than ever that he isn't a thief but it didn't belong to anyone around him either. It was an orphan waiting to be embraced and be consumed for buying all the rainbow hued candies and the plastic figures (at least one) of his favourite G.I. Joes. Who tells a young lad of his age that as a law abiding citizen he should have gone and deposited  the note with the head of the school leaving it at his mercy. Letting him do the duty of finding out the claimant of that sum of money. Nakul found it easier to believe in the theory that probably fate wants him to reap the gains of that piece of paper. What else could possibly explain why countless pairs of roving eyes missed it leaving it to be spotted by someone who hasn't been bestowed with the enviable fortune of being regularly afforded  pocket money. So he uncrumpled it, delicately slid his palm over it to rid it of creases and dirt and carefully folded his treasure, before shoving it inside his trouser pocket.

A fortnight later, the day after his birthday celebration, he and his classmates sat together to unpack his presents, splendidly confined in glamorously glittering envelopes. Halfway, Nakul's landline cried in its quintessential annoying tone demanding immediate attention. An irate Nakul rushed furiously to calm it down taking not less than ten minutes to return. Later that night as he curiously opened his secret wallet, one of his gifts from last birthday, to put in it the day's earnings and to calculate his savings for buying a special edition video game, he was aghast. Out of the expected sum of about two hundred rupees, only a hundred were there. His face flushed as he contemplated how the distance between him and his dream gadget stood increased by this heartbreaking revelation. He fell something heavy swell within him as tears unguidedly began to trickle down. He had no explanation for what had happened. Who robbed him ? Who was that thief ? A real scoundrel. His wordless outbursts were futile anyway, as he would have to start all over again. To his utmost horror, he recalled having mentioned about his clandestine scheme to his pals, among who one had zestfully queried about how he was hiding it from his folks. A gullible Nakul had showed them the exact spot where he had concealed it. For a moment Nakul was filled with an unapologetic rage to charge at his mate and interrogate all five of them who sat in his room that evening, but he dropped the idea fearing that he might lose them over a petty sum of money, though by no means he was hurting pettily.

A couple of years later, Nakul consciously indulged in something that he normally didn't subscribe to. But who can deny the great difficulty that's normally experienced in subsiding our adolescent urges. That evening Nakul fell prey to such a lack of will. He was quickly coerced into joining his mates in playing a practical joke on a friend. The events were shrewdly planned in a manner which lured their unsuspecting peer into sitting on a sharp pointed object. Luckily he didn't get hurt. But he had to walk home embarrassed with his trouser torn in the most private area. A few days later, Nakul met a similar fate for no fault of his, without any warning or announcement. It so happened that Nakul was just stepping down from the bus when his right foot slipped ferociously on the rain washed road and he  ended up in a full split that would have challenged a full time taekwondo practitioner. As he limped to the nearby shed, a kind old man graciously pointed out to him the urgency of hiding his rear which was peeping out of his trouser like a vegetable in an overstuffed carry bag. Blame it on the proximity between this incident and the night when his friend walked torn pant, it saw the dawn of reason on his nubile mind. He stressed himself over a seemingly uncanny nexus between the two events. They were deceptively similar to have prevented such a thought from crossing his mind. An hour later, Nakul was consumed by the usual inescapable senseless frolic that his buddies brought along and soon the residual thoughtfulness was long wiped from his head.

But the day which saw an unforgettable impression being engraved on his wits came in his twenty second year when he was duped into believing that his motorbike had been adequately replenished with fuel by his friend who had borrowed it from him. And some divine interference and scheme of providence prevented him from even coming close to opening the fuel tank for verifying the truth of that assurance. It happened thus. He was waiting eagerly for his friend's return, so that he could rush to see a female friend off at the railway station who was going away for a year and with whom his relationship was assuming cozier proportions and he planned on making it even cozier by professing his real feelings for her on the railway platform. Infact Nakul nutured the faith that she too was impatient to hear his confession. Nakul was already late and was furiously loitering on the porch and the moment his friend reached, apologizing for being late even before he got down from the vehicle, the skies opened their gates letting out a relentless deluge as if freeing the drops from captivity of ages. In a matter of seconds the nearest electric pole became blurred and the tirade of the liberated raindrops turned into a cacophony. Now there remained no chance for Nakul to check the fuel. Without a further  moment, he jumped onto his motorbike's seat and dwindled away in the misty rain. He must not have gone even a couple of kilometers when his bike started coughing like an exploited labourer. Nakul hoped against hope that his wheels wouldn't betray him. They didn't, his friend had. Dripping with rain from head to toe, he stopped on the middle of the road and unlocked his fuel tank only to find it dry as a robbed pitcher in a desert. People under shelter of the shops stared at him. He got down from the vehicle and parked it. He hoped to find a shared mode of transport. He couldn't. How could he, in that blinding downpour. As the time for departure of his beloved's train came and went away, he stood mute and helpless. He found himself sliding back in time.

A few weeks ago, he had taken his neighbour's scooter under the pretext of some urgent work, roamed around the by - lanes of the city till the scooter's tank was near dry, then returned it to him with an assurance in an inimitably sincere tone, that he had gone only a small distance and there was no need of refueling it. The next morning when the poor fellow began for his office, he came back pushing his vehicle within seconds of his leaving. Without his scooter, the nice man had to walk a whole ten kilometers to his office, hopelessly trying to stop every passing vehicle on the way for a lift. He reached an hour late to his workplace and his mercurial boss in plain and simple terms informed him that this day wouldn't count for his salary. Who could have saved an employee from the wrath of a vindictive head of a petty private construction company, .  He had waited so long to get even with his upright employee who unlike his sycophantic peers never called the moon sun, because their boss called it so.

As the downpour began subsiding, Nakul couldn't ignore the lesson he took six years and a few unfortunate instances to decipher. It began shaping into a coherent logic built upon a perfect correlation of apparently unattached events in his life. He thought all about them over and over, as he watched the last weak drops making their way from the heavens to the short lived puddles throughout the road. The inexplicable, frustrating loss of his saved pocket money six years back, his awkward moment at the bus stop and the forfeited opportunity of bidding adieu to his high school sweetheart, all began to torment him to the point of enlightenment about the divine law that whatever one gives comes back to him one day. He started walking down the steps of the shop where he'd been sheltering himself from the rain and smiled in surrender.

Months later Nakul was found jumping a snakey queue in a supermarket urgently pushing forward brushing aside frowning customers. He finally reaches the billing counter. The billing counter staff looked at him with alarm, wondering why the customer he sent off half hour back, has returned.


Hey mate !! You are supposed to keep three hundred ninety five rupees.

Billing Staff

And how much did I keep ?


Three Hundred Ninety Five paise

Billing Staff

What ? 


Here's the debit card slip and here's the bill. The latter says Three Hundred Ninety Five Rupees but it seems you swiped my card for three hundred ninety five paise only. Bet you'd have gone home about 390 bucks poorer tonight. 

Billing Staff (Thoroughly checks the bill and the debit card slip and looks gratefully at Nakul)

How can I thank you Sir ? 

I'm sorry you had to travel far had you gone Sir, just curious.

Nakul's chauffeur 

A good long distance buddy.

Billing Staff (To Nakul)

I'm so sorry Sir. You had to burn precious fuel. Sorry for that loss.


Ahh !! That's really thoughtful of you. 

Believe me. I returned to save myself from losses.


("So You Reap" is a work of fiction and any resemblance in it, to any person, incident or place is purely co - incidental)

Thursday 23 August 2012

Ramadhir Singh Directs Anurag Kashyap

We have seen Anurag Kashyap direct Ramadhir Singh (Tigmanshu Dhulia) in Gangs of Wasseypur. But did you know that Tigmanshu Dhulia too has directed Anurag Kashyap in 'Shagird', a film of similar genre. 

In this film Anurag Kashyap plays the role of a gangster by the name of Bunty Bhaiya, a hired gun for a politician. Though he hasn't acted as much in this film as Tigmanshu has in Gangs of Wasseypur, it's still noteworthy.

Watch Shagird a fast- paced action-packed cop drama that unfolds in the capital city of Delhi amidst the power of paisa and politics. Delhi Police Crime Branch Officer Hanumant Singh (Nana Patekar) - a respected yet feared officer whose tactics and ethics are questionable, mentors Mohit (Mohit Ahlawat) a new junior officer in his team. Their ideologies cross paths when a notorious gangster Bunty Bhaiya enters the fray. Together, Hanumant Singh & Bunty Bhaiya work for power hungry politician Rajmani Singh (Zakir Hussain), who rules the state using unfair means and will not let anything or anyone come in his way.

In this nexus, who stands right and who stands wrong? What crosses the line in the gray zone of law, crime & politics? Who wears a mask and who comes out a winner forms the rest of the story.

Monday 20 August 2012

Blind Date (A Short Play) Part - I

ACT - I  



Mahesh is with a girl in the neighbourhood eatery. Girl's face is not revealed.

It's quiet all around. They are the first guests of that morning. Both seem to be loving the fact they are alone and the whole staff of the eatery is focused on their comforts. It's a fresh morning and the sunshine is beaming hopes, scattering them like a kind dispenser.


(Fiddling with the fork) Such games of life have always restored my faith in what I believe.


Which games ?



While I tread, looking for chance, over a promising boulevard, It stealthily slips another from an alley where I never cared to offer a fleeting glance.


Meaning ?


(Takes a deep breathe)

When I touched your heart unplanned, I was planning unaware, for the same.

Girl stretches her hand and slips her fingers in between Mahesh's forming a warm loving grip.





His bed is all ruffled and creased due to it's restless occupier's sleeplessness. A few folded pillows & a whole crumpled sheet, speak abundantly of his miserable attempts to  pass into the tranquil arms of sleep in the bygone night. Some soft 90's love song playing gently on his Sony Music System. The  LED indicator dancing to the rhythm of it's melody. The T.V. is playing, though mute. The program being broadcast is 'The Highlights Show'. Two men chatting, occasionally giving wide flashes of smile with Messi's picture in their background.

Bathroom door clicks ...opens.

Mahesh tip toes out, with his bare upper. He's loosely clutching his untied towel. Water's dripping from his body. He's shivering. Leaves the bathroom door ajar. Quickly flings open his wardrobe.It's replete with  multi hued, crisply pressed shirts all hanging in discipline. Beneath them is a row of neatly folded trousers, jeans. Besides a section of pristine neck ties.

Mahesh is perplexed. Shuts his eyes, thinks for a moment. Runs his finger on a couple of shirts as if he's counting them & dashes for a navy blue one.  He takes a good look at it from all angles, quickly swapping it between his right hand & left.

Mahesh (Mumbling to the Shirt)

'It's time to shine.'

Ruffles the trousers, picks a modest one of a very light shade, tucks his shirt into it. Finds his belt and slips it through the holders, one by one, counting them steadily. He walks to turn off the power switch of the TV. Just then his cellphone begins to vibrate aloud.

Mahesh stops abruptly, rushes to answer it. It's someone important. He gets engrossed in some serious talk. He frowns a couple of times. Meanwhile a vehicle honks incessantly at the Parking Area. Someone yells his name repeatedly. Mahesh hears it but does not respond. Minutes later there is knock on his room's door. Mahesh opens it. It's his friend Mak. An obviously irritated Mak throws his hands in frustration. He can't believe his eyes when he sees that Mahesh is talking over phone.


Good Lord !! Where are your damn ears, pal ? 

(Points at his watch) Come 'on. Let's Go. We can't be late. It'd be fatal if we are.

(He starts walking. Halts midway. Turns around as if he just noticed something really strange)

 Wait! (Looks disapprovingly) What, on this earth are you wearing ? 

 Mahesh continues with his talk over his phone, paying no heed. But both start walking out.




(Moving his lips without speaking and his fingers gesturing the act of turning on the ignition of the car)


What ??


(Over phone) 
Nothing to worry about, Mr. Singh. Your requests are always afforded high priority. I give you my word.  Alright alright, take it easy now. Listen, Singh Saab I've to go. See you 'morrow. Bring along the blueprint. Have a great day. Bye (Hangs up)

(To Mak )

I'm asking for your car keys.

Mak (Shooting in surprise)

You want to drive ? 

Aren't you supposed to be nervous and your thoughts be in quandary ?
Tell me one thing my friend. How long has it been been since you last pressed clutch ? As far as I remember you hate driving in this city's traffic, even when your dear friend is reeling under exhaustion begging you to take the wheels.....


Oh, give it a rest now, will you ? Give me those keys.


Yeah sure. 

Mak throws the car's keys over to Mahesh. They get inside the car, Mahesh turns on the ignition and finally they start moving.





My friend, could you please explain what you are wearing ?


What about it ?


Listen why don't we buy something better, something relevant for you to put on. It'll just take a few minutes, with my accurate sense of 'what'll match who" and then we'll be on our way


Relevant ?!..Whatever that's supposed to mean.
But No Thank You


(Laidback) Sure. Just don't tell me I didn't warn you.


Come'n Mak. You know it's not like that. She doesn't really care.


That may be, but don't YOU care about your first impression ?

How can you be so naive' Mahesh ? 


What are you tryin' to say?


I wonder if you've ever come across the word 'pretend'. 'Cuz clearly you can't see that she is just pretending to be extra good. That's all. Don't get me wrong. That's normal of her to act like this. She doesn't necessarily have to be what she claims or pretends to be. I mean in all likelihood, she must be expecting the same from you.


Now, that's some serious nonsense. I mean how do you even know that she's pretending ?


(Sarcastic) Forgot the times when you used to come running to me asking for tips to woo her ?
Forgot those witty small talks that I fed you to be in control of your 'virtual' affair? 
Forgot those tricks I filled you with to win a date with her ?


Slow down buddy. That's not what I mean. I'll always be thankful for all your help and ...guidance...and tricks. But I'm simply curious to know how you come to conclude what you are saying about her.


(Ignoring Mahesh's attempt at calming him)

Please watch the road when you're driving. Drinking and driving isn't the only cause of road fatalities.


Listen. All I'm asking is what makes you think that she is not what she appears to be.


I just know. Like I told you. It's pretty OK to act thus. In her situation - anyone would have done the same.


But that's precisely my point. How do you know that I'd have or for that matter I have acted or pretended to be a better person than what I really am..


For an 'impression' my friend. Have you ever heard of it buddy, because normal people have. People try to create impressions, especially and particularly "first impressions" on their first date. Which for some inexplicable reason doesn't seem to be getting into that thick head of yours.


But in this situation, don't you think we can afford discounting the greatness of "first impressions" ?


Why ? Because you think she' has already formed her impression about you, over your chatting sessions? Is that why ?


Yeah, that'd be why.


I find your ignorance hilarious Mahesh

Look. You think you have an impression. That is far from being true. 

Even assuming you are right, what's the guarantee that she won't displace that "impression" when she looks at you today and inevitably thinks of you as somebody so ..........skeptically scans Mahesh from his head to toe ) .... ...BLAND.


I can't help myself from wondering how tedious it'd have been for you to amass such opinions.


Naah, it's bound to come when you are dating girls since your wonder years. It dawns on you after those many sessions, that you are a natural .


I'm sure it does.


Just look at your clothes man !! They are not what you wear to your first date. 

And when that date is with someone who hasn't seen you ever and with whom you've lasted two springs chatting over some online social chat room or whatever. This is why I'm so bothered about real first impressions.


HeyI'm concerned too. But not about what I'm wearing. 


And why is that ?


Because I'm confident that she is more of an inner beauty person. 

I mean I always find her as someone who is more interested in character than looks. Though I'm worried how she's going to figure that about me.


Yeah whatever, my dear incorrigible simpleton friend

What about presents? Aren't you going to buy any token of your feelings - any symbol of your heart that you are holding out for her ?


(Smirks) Just a lovely bouquet.


Not bad. 
What's her name ?


She wouldn't tell me. Her online username is "lily1984"


Good Lord !!!


What now ?


Nothing brother. Just awed by your guts to go on a blind date. know, risking so much for the unknown ?


What risk ?!!!


I hope your date doesn't turn out to be a dude.


Will you shut the ......

Mak notices a cyclist abruptly cutting into the path of their speeding car. His eyes widen in alarm and he presses himself to his seat and screams

 W     A      T     C      H             O     U    T  !!!!

Mahesh swivels the car and manages to evade the cyclist but couldn't prevent it from hitting another girl riding a Scooty.  (....Contd. in Part - II)

Blind Date (A Short Play) Part - II

PART - II (Read First Part of this Play)



The girl's right palm is bleeding and her vehicle is down on the dust. 
She's shaking nervously while holding her bleeding palm at the point of the wound. Mahesh parks the car and rushes out with Mak to her aid. She looks at Mahesh angrily. But words fail her. 

Mahesh (Jittery)

'Oh Lord !! I'm so sorry. I'm extremely sorry. '

Meanwhile Mak picks up the girl's vehicle and puts it on its stand. 

Mahesh (To Girl)

'Can I please check your wound ?'

Girl slowly removes her grip from the wounded palm and stretches it towards Mahesh. He notices that her injured palm is slightly fleeced and is bleeding. Mahesh rushes back to his car and pulls out a bottle of water. He starts pouring it's cold contents on her wound. She hisses in pain. Then he pulls a hanky from his pocket and offers it to her to tie around her palm. 

'Let me just take you to a dispensary, for first aid. I know one nearby.'


(Whispering to Mahesh )

What the hell are you doing? 

(Mahesh looks confused for a moment. He turns around and pushes Jayanth to a corner.)


" I'll have to take her to the hospital Mak. Please go to 'Rendezvous Point' &  fill in for me, till I reach there. Can you do this much bro ?


Buddy, do you seriously want me to remind you of the life altering significance of this day in your existence ?


(Looks stunned and puzzled) What ??!!


I'm talking about your date. 
You have worked so hard for this. Countless sessions of pleading and wooing won you her approval for this occasion. Have you forgotten that or what ? 


(Firmly) Look Mak, I can't just leave her like this because I have a date. And by the way if I think lily1984 to be the girl she is, she'll understand. Trust me


Can't you see, she has some minor wounds that's all.

Girl overhears their conversation and announces that she'll take their leave and tries to turn on the ignition of her vehicle. But her right palm hurts badly. She can't turn the accelerator. Mahesh catches hold of her vehicle and puts it back on stand. Girl looks scathingly at both men. Mahesh is convinced that he's gotta take her to medical. 

Mahesh to Girl :

No No. You're not going anywhere, not till I've had you treated. Le'me just grab a few things ok ?

(Girl is unresponsive)

Mak & Mahesh enter the car. 
Mak still can't believe that Mahesh is risking his date over some minor accident. Mahesh notices Mak's dilemma 


Trust me on this Mak. She's gonna be proud of me when she finds out. Just tell her what has happened and ask her to wait for me.

Mahesh rides away with the injured girl on her scooty.

Mak (murmuring to himself)

The bugger didn't even tell me how to recognize lily 1984.
Darn !

Mak drives away to the eatery - joint "Rendezvous Point"where Mahesh's date is supposed to meet with him





Girl is partially lying down on the flexible bed. The nurse has just finished dressing her wound. And she's preparing to inject her. She rubs her left arm muscle with some rectified spirit and puts the needle of the syringe to the spot for pushing it in.


What’s this for, sister ?


Anti tetanus toxide. 

So that she doesn’t get tetanus.


Oh!!! Ok, 

How soon can we leave sister ?


As soon as she feels alright to go.

Nurse 2

It's pouring outside. Just wait for sometime.


Yeah, sure.

Girl to Mahesh

What's your name ?




Thanks Mahesh


Listen, ...I'm sorry for all the trouble that I caused you...



That's my name


I'm sorry Sohini. 
I mean it.


It's Ok.  Accidents happen, so do mistakes. How we deal with them is more important.

And ofcourse, I know you mean your apology, else you'd have listened to your friend instead of bringing me here.

(Mahesh looks down and nods. Suddenly he realizes the import of her last words)


Come again ?


Your friend was not quite happy with your choice to bring me here right ?


(Surprised) Excuse me ?


I must have come between some urgent engagement of your's.


Well ..


 I'm pretty confident that you have risked something in lieu of being a gentleman. 

She slowly flexes her palm muscles. It hurts her and she can't prevent pain from filling her face.

Mahesh (looking at her palm and looking back at her face)

Should I call the nurse ?


No, I'm fine.....

You were saying something ?


(Taking a deep breath) ..(Nods) 

Leave it


Whatever that work was, to tear away from it and bring me here, was very selfless and kind of you.


Thank You. But please stop mentioning it now.  It's nothing, considering that I was the one who caused all this......

(Sohini's cellphone rings. She takes the call)


Yeah ..Where are you guys ? ..Where am I ? I'm at the casualty ward..bed no... bed no...uh,,,  (looks at Mahesh)


Bed No. 6


Bed No. 6
Ya, alright !!!

To Mahesh

My friends they are here...I'd sms'd them on our way here


Ok. I guess I should leave then


Wait. You should meet my friends. Awesome gang!!!


Naah.. I think I should go. Important work..remember ??


Ya.. Very Important Work !!! (Smiles)



 Sorry once again..bye !!!





It's midday and the eatery is bustling with people. Mostly with those who are whiling away with their lovers over shared glasses of rainbow like contents. There's a large TV, monotonously playing at a corner, to which nobody is paying any attention. All the tables are occupied by either couples or college students. No table, except the one near the window side at the southern exit, is  partially claimed. A girl is sitting there, directly facing the entrance, her eyes behind the spectacles, are fixated at some page of a gossip magazine. Suddenly she raises her head as she turns the page. She notices Mak watching her.

Mak's made out that she must be Mahesh's date since she's the only one in that place who was sitting alone. 

Mak steadily walks upto her.


You must be....uh....lily....1984 ??


Mahesh ?


No No. 
I'm his friend Mak. Hi.


Oh !... Hi

Where's Mahesh ?


Look. He'll be a bit late. 


Is everything Ok ?


He just called me and said that there's some problem with his bike. But he's already getting it fixed at some nearby garage and he'll be on his way soon.


How cliche'd !!


(Laughs pretentiously) You bet.

Girl's phone rings.



(Shocked) What ?.....when ?.......shoot........

And she told you but didn't call ME ?

I'll be there in a moment. Just stay there. No no, I'll manage.

(Hangs up)

To Mak

Listen. There's some emergency I've gotta go.


Do you want me to call Mahesh ?


Don't bother. I'll explain to him everything tonight.

Sorry. See you around. Bye







Mahesh  frantically walks out of the dispensary, crosses the road waving for a cab. Finds one and asks it's driver to rush to "Rendezvous Point". He then calls Mak.




How is it going bro ?


She's gone


What do you mean by 'she's gone'? \
What the hell did you tell her ? 
Oh Mak !!


Hold your horses dude. I said nothing.

She got a call. There was some emergency and she said that she'll explain everything to you tonight.

Mahesh (pauses momentarily & contemplates)

This doesn't sound good.


Don't worry. Everything will work out just fine.

And by the way, she is really pretty. 


We'll find out tonight.


Hey wait, What about the girl you took to the clinic ? Is she OK ?


Yeah she's fine. A lovely person she turned out to be.


Ok. Ok. I guess I'll hear from you tomorrow. It's gonna be a long night for you friend.


Don't know that. Ok. Bye

Hangs up.  

Tells the cab driver his home address and asks him to turn.

He's lost in thought as busy traffic sounds drown in soft music. He smiles to himself helplessly.





Mahesh is online since  an hour. There's no sign of lily1984. 
Suddenly he receives a notification. 

"lily1984 has sent you a message....."" 

Mahesh clicks on it. 

It reads

Hi Mahesh,

I know how much you were looking forward to this ..blind date. Trust me, I was too. Sorry we couldn't meet.

Something happened and I couldn't show up. But here's a confession.

I had sent my friend Neetu to "Rendezvous Point" instead of going myself. It was a blind date and I wanted to have some fun. I'd asked her to pull your leg a bit before I make a surprise entry.  But I hear that your buddy Mak had come there instead of you as you were fixing some glitch in your bike. Poor Mak took Neetu to be me. Unfortunately she had to leave due to some urgent work.

And that urgent work was attending me in hospital. 

Yup. I landed up in hospital after a mindless guy on the wheels, knocked me off the road. But he turned out to be a very nice person. He took me to the hospital despite his urgent requirement somewhere else. He took great care to see that I was properly attended to. And he even waited till my friends arrived. Wish more men were like him.

You aren't feeling jealous right ??   :-) :-) )

Don't worry about me Mahesh. I'll be just fine.

I really wanted to see you. Been longing to watch your eyes respond to my teases and hear you say the words that you type every time. 

Am I blabbering ?? May be it's the sedative in the painkiller.

Let's Hope That We Meet  Soon.


End of Message By liliy1984"

Mahesh is frozen. 
Slowly a smile sweeps his face. 

He whispers  

"You have heard me my Love. You have."






Mahesh is with Sohini in the neighbourhood eatery. 

It's quiet all around. They are the first guests of that morning. Both seem to be loving the fact they are alone and the whole staff of the eatery is focused on their comforts. It's a fresh morning and the sunshine is beaming hopes, scattering them like a kind dispenser.


(Fiddling with the fork) Such games of life have always restored my faith in what I believe.


Which games ?



While I tread, looking for chance, over a promising boulevard, It stealthily slips another from an alley where I never cared to offer a fleeting glance.


Meaning ?


(Takes a deep breathe)

When I touched your heart unplanned, I was planning unaware for the same.

Sohini stretches her hand and slips her fingers in between Mahesh's, forming a warm loving grip.


You sure did - planned or unplanned doesn't matter. 

In a way I'm glad about that accident. It got me to know what you really are.

Mahesh (Smiling)

Uh..there is something else I always wanted to find out though.


What ?


Your first impression about the way I look. I mean it's more important for a friend of mine, Mak, you know Mak, right ? He was chewing my brains over how ordinarily I was dressed for my blind date. And how much he was scared that I'd leave a very forgettable first impression on you and all that.


Well, tell him the adage 'handsome is what handsome does.'

(Mahesh's eyes glitter with reassurance.)


Are you calling me handsome ?


I am. My Love.

(Both Smile)

(Zoom out slowly with upbeat piano music playing in the background)

 (A waiter walks up to them and neatly places the Menu Cards. Mahesh asks him something and he points at some page in the Card. Mahesh gestures towards the sky. The three of them have a hearty laugh.)


                                                             THE END


("Blind Date" is a work of fiction and any resemblance in it, to any person, incident or place is purely co - incidental)