Wednesday, 30 April 2014


How obvious yet unexpected
After endless separation
Eyes meet
And old sparks fly

How forgotten yet crystallized
In time our story
Of all paths
To cross, ours was destined today

How distant yet touchable
Those memories those feelings
Became, when
In your eyes I looked today

But when I tried to touch
All the lost chances
It became the same
A void, empty, a bond sans name

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What's Love

What is love but a gift of times
It comes and along it grinds
All the suppressed joys
And opens all the hidden ways

What is love but a test sublime
It puts on trial all your guts
All that you fear and hold dear
Amidst all the fright it turns you braver

What is love but a mirror
To your truer self
That hitherto lay hidden mere
And harnesses your strength for sure

What is love but a memory
A picture, a trusted story
A climb, a fall into glory
Till it stays it touches all and sundry