Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Singer Of Trains

Letting melody into cacophony  
And eyeing for lovers of tune;
Verses and fables and legends
Flowing too was meager fortune

A chorus follows 
More lips move 
Untrained rhythm
Stirs the withins

The crowd nods,
Sways and revels
Hands join and leave 
The high notes, souls heave

Delicate fingers shift
From bonds of harmony
To pleading gestures
To vain ventures

The paltry throngs disperse
Indifferent and coarse
Though bankrupt and torn
To a gifted voice she's born

That  voice untired, already begins
The singer of trains once more sings 

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Face

Grey, gold, crystal glance
Yet bereft of 'em in flash
Stays like a speck of charm
In the midst of despair n' harm

Lingers longer like a wanted grief
Frivolous yet rooted deep
It clings if it wishes to
It stings if it chooses to

A decade and it's not older
Than yesterday's flavour
Swims like a dream from dawn
Calls unto its folds and turns

It's no more what it was 
Grown now and with a mind
A face I saw in the morning shine
It's lived with me no less than mine

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