Saturday, 11 August 2012

My First Motion Film (Musical)

I wrote a script, the dialogues and even the screenplay. I went ahead to shoot. Halfway I wished I had better actors. Actors who knew what is acting. So I aborted the shoot. I contacted a few struggling yet talented performers of theater. But they were either reluctant or wanted a substantial pay. So I had to make do without going ahead with that film. This happened a couple of days ago.

Came back and worked out another theme. One that didn't involve much acting or performance or even dialogues  (as dialogue delivery is unquestionably the most vital aspect of acting) I asked my cousin brother to play the part.  I based it's theme on my poem "Soul's A  Vagabond" and gave the video the same title. I took the consent of a very talented music composer who features his works on Youtube and put one of his scores in my film's background.

After half day's shoot at multiple locations I edited it and uploaded it to my Youtube channel yesterday. Obviously I'm not happy with the results, but I'm glad that after waiting for days and only making videos with still pics., I managed to take a very small step forward.

It's may be an ordinary video. But it'll always be special to me because it's my first motion film.

                                                                                   "Soul's A Vagabond"    

Theme     A short musical which focuses on a day in the life of a young man who's unsure of his

                aspirations and keeps moving between various places. His lack of aim is manifest in his 
               vagabond ways. Ultimately, he ends up before the abode of God seeking answers.

Featuring Sourav S. (Guddu) 

Story, Camera, Editing, Direction   Anupam


  1. hey hi..... nice concept but it would have been better if you would play the role....because no one can play your role better than you in this world..... just want to suggest that when next you make a film then make sure that there must be a story..... because everything that happens happens for a reason and that reason should be unveiled in the film which will hold the audience till the end with a message.....

    but your actor has done it well also and congratulations on your first motion picture.... it seems its your dream to make one, God bless you.........

    1. As I've narrated in the post, I had a story and script and even a screenplay that I wrote. But that required decent acting skills and I couldn't find it for the reasons mentioned above. So I had to shelve it.

      As far as the story of this short film is concerned it has nothing in particular except that it catches glimpses of a day in a vagabond's life.

      I could tell you so many reasons why I abandoned the idea of a having a storyline, actors, dialogues etc. for this video. But it doesn't matter. I had to shoot something and I did. Just wanted to.

      Thanks for watching my video Rohan. That in itself is a big gesture for me. I also humbly accept the folly that you've pointed in the film. What you've remarked is true. I hope that when I try making my next film, it's with some budget. SO that I can engage some good actors who can fulfill the needs of my script.