Sunday 9 September 2012


I confess - I blundered
I own up - I shuddered
I give my frolic for all your pain
Forgiveness isn't 
What I wish to gain

Something comatose

Something frozen since long
Fluttered when it sensed 
You around its confines fenced

See where I have walked

You may pity on a soul dead
Lured by the deceptive 
Gave up a hand, for me which stayed

There isn't anything I wouldn't do

To travel past clock's will
And say Yes for all the Nos
To shred the list of the Dos and Don'ts

If brave a little more

If hopeful a little more
Had I been not in rush,
And not the eternal cautious 

I blurt out what I shouldn't say

I confess what I should keep at bay
In the pain of ending up alone
In the fear of dying a soul forlorn