Tuesday 12 August 2014

Make Me Hate You

Why are you a dream?
Turn nightmare
And let me shudder
And be for me a scare
Why be so warm?
Why not cruel and sparse
And let me suffer bad for that
And be for me harsh
         Descend no more like angel
No more be my savior
Be not my light
Nor my breath & life
All the ways and schemes
All the world’s realms
Can’t make me walk on
Past love you've shown
This moon endless
And the sun is lost
Your fragrance’s spread
All across
The world I’ve tried
To get past you 
To let you be and
And free my hand.
Such as year’s seasons
And hundred unsaid reasons
You’re bound to come
         You're bound to come.
I promise I’ll love you
Beyond time and lives
I promise it’d be you
Who I’ll love forever true
From our lives next
And all thence through.
But for this time one
For acts impossible
I'm fated to ruin in split
So make me hate you;
Make me hate you
All the tears have no clue
Every hurt throbs to chew
The vapory vows
The misty memories
I can't get past;
The beauty of you
The care of you
I can't get past
I can't get past
You sacrifices alone
Your measure of devotion
Your strength when I fall
You hands when I crawl
I can't get past
I can't get past.
Tears and blood mingle
The pain is here to linger
So make me hate you
Make me hate you
I bet that to be my out
My release my escape velocity
From your gravity.
Return to the winter 
Whence you came and changed
Everything into heaven
Retreat to the shining dew
And erase all of you
In me and from around
So that I can breathe that air
And my heart can beat again
But I promise I'd love
When you can love too
When we'd be joined beyond
All the world's rules
But now tear me from you
Let me float through
So that I can in least
Hope to breath the air again
And again a heart can beat sane
Done with my song 
And my words long
I mute & wonder if
Hate for you I can ever feel
And if past you
I can ever be

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