Saturday, 23 August 2014

Turning Day

Sat a friend across my end
He said a thought he'd lend
'twas a bright mornin'
birds singin, corns dancin';
I hadn't a clue that 
He’d with words lay me flat
So I asked clear 'Say brother'
He looked near and he looked far
And then a smile made his lips ajar
But 'twas not a smile but a scar
He said 'Pal, she is my life
But I ain’t her love',
He slipped then to the quiet
So did the singin’ birds and the
Corns in flight
And the sun turned harsh
And the wind sparse
The lovely day  had taken a turn 
From birds and breeze and corn
A worse one - a bitter time
Had just said ‘Hello’ sublime

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