Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Am I ...

Am I he, who smiles at humour
Or the cynic who spots the lie
The ambitious who strives for ends
Or the purist who prizes means

Am I he, whose heart fell in love
Or whose body longed for another
The one who pined for that company
Or was it, for solitude, he feared

Am I he who competes
Or the coward who surrenders
The one who runs to win
Or one of the gullible dreamers

Am I the one who deceives
Or the saint who suffers truth
The one who believes in the light
Or who's simply afraid of the dark

Am I split or singular
In places one or plural
He who flourishes 
Or the doomed who perishes
Breathing here and drowned there

The sands I stand on,
With me, are they ridden ?
The faces, at me, that smile
Does nothing lie beneath the sheen ?

Is there something - anything
Of me, when I'm gone, worth recalling

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  1. wow now that was an awesome morning read ......loved it .......superblyyy written -kudos :) :)

    1. Hope You Had a great day. Thanks for the appreciation, Vinisha

  2. Wow now this is called a perfect reflection,knowing both sides of life, so much of pain and at the same time truths of life which gives happiness to others.. left me speechless..SUPERB!! Keep it up..

    1. Your thoughtful interpretation adds even greater significance to the poem. Thank You Jasmin.

  3. A perfect confrontation with the inner self .... loved it !!!

  4. The desire for immortality :)
    Well expressed!

  5. Introspection of one's self worded so well that the reader can relate to it !

    1. Thanks for your insightful appreciation, 'Mystic'

  6. again.. with the contradictions..
    Interesting piece.
    ..what would happen if every single individual thought the way you thought as they performed their actions. It would become quite complicated to read the faces of people & truly understand them for who they are. Act with conviction, with the self you truly are & in response you shall receive the same conviction of action.

    1. I'll strive for that Rehya. Thanks for reading.

  7. Cries of a heart consumed by endless questions of life. Very well written, Anupam.

  8. Back again, Anupam? And better than ever. This was a superb write.

  9. welcome back man! and a nice write.

  10. Hi Anupam,

    Great to have you back, Anupam :)
    So, is the hibernation permanently over?

    Each line presents so much of contrast, so much of contradiction. It seems you've been some testing times, of questions.

    Great work done as usual. Keep it up Anupam :)


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  11. @ Umaji ..thanks for reading Umaji. These lines are exactly what you say they are.

    @ Suresh feels great to know that I'm still remembered by my dear fellow bloggers. Thanks for
    reading and encouraging me.

    @ aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar...Thanks dear for reading.

    @ Gunjan....thanks brother, for your kind words

    @ Jay....Thanks Jay for reading 'Am I..". As I said, it feels really good to know that my friends
    remember me. As for testing times, it requires a separate post altogether to depict what
    has unfolded in the recent past. Let me admit that I will not have the opportunity to write
    as regularly as I used to, owing to work pressure. But all of your affection will keep
    bringing me back. Thanks

  12. Superb entry after a long time hearing poems from you

  13. Replies
    1. Hey Firoze. So glad that you here. Thanks for reading

  14. Good to have you back! And what a good entry to be returning with! Beautiful. The angst of trying to understand one's own identity! Man spends all his life trying to get a true answer to those questions, doesn't he?

    1. Thanks Deepa. How have you been ? Thanks for your generous words of appreciation. Yes Deepa, indeed man spends his life seeking answers yet he barely finds them

  15. A great poem! welcome back!

  16. After a long,long time Anupam.How have you been?See you ARE remembered-& all for the good reasons.

    There are grey shades in all of us.I guess all that we can do is to deliver the best we can.

    1. Namaste Indu ji. It's great to be back with all my beloved fellow bloggers. I'd be lying if I told you that I'm not overwhelmed by the affection I get here.

  17. Well written.. I have come across a beautiful blog to be around :)

    1. Welcome to 'reflections' Jyotsna. Glad you feel that way