Saturday, 23 June 2012


The evening throbs as if a surge                                          
Of unspoken feelings on their verge
The satin night crawls far & wide
Melting everything hitherto in sight                         

The bamboo vines whispering lullabies
In chorus, sound like gentle seas
Mortal forms vanishing into nothing
Their footsteps & signs sans lingering

As I toss & turn on the cot
My head chases a single thought
Born of the faceless jingle
That do their job & hastily mingle

My sleepless eyes stumble upon
The starry pond where fireflies spawn
The million glints from their burning
Provoking an unearthly craving

Crew of crickets join for a supper choir
Their tunes tearing from beneath every layer
Melodious than the greatest known tune
Into every note rhapsody strewn 

The tender breeze rising from the banks
Of the distant river breaking ranks
Reassuring my sand ridden hair
Infusing a delight so delicate & rare

I'm captive of a perfumed whiff
Born of some mystic leaf
The many hued flora kneading
Charismatic musk seething

I forget I was born in the lights
I forget all the pointless fights
I forget every mirage to which I clung
I forget my need of a city, far flung

I move over the worthless addictions
I find refuge from haunting afflictions
I feel strain forsake my nerve
I feel the return of humane verve

I sleep on my back
Looking at the soulful dark
Watching countless questions at sight
That I dodged in the bright

Then, like the ardour of lovers,
Like the embrace of mothers,
Like the ageless sage,
Begins to etch in heart, my village



  1. Oh My God...this piece is perfect example of 'words soaked in beauty'. Loved the rhythm, rhyme and could sense such strong is the feeling with a little lump in my throat...wonderfully weaved emotions.

    1. This poem is so close to my heart. Therefore triple thanks for liking it.

      THANK YOU Himani

  2. Wow! I just realized why is there a green box on the right hand side of my screen saying you are the versatile blogger. Great work anupam.

  3. Beautiful words, beautiful thoughts.

  4. Oh My God Anupam, That felt like a lullaby :) So beautiful....I would give anything to be on a rope-knit cot, lying on my back and staring at the stars surrounded by village noises! Beautiful!

  5. As soon as I read the first line, I knew i was on to something special! Good one!

  6. What a beautiful,lyrical picture of your village,i could almost see it through closed many stimuli you have described in perfect detail.

  7. This is perhaps one of those moments when I deeply regret not having a native village. Beautifully expressed :)

  8. oh, this is a soulful well penned!!! :))

  9. Beautiful words...all elegantly laced together in peaceful harmony... and I could visualize the whole scene in front of me. Very nice. Keep posting :)

  10. Pind di yaad aa gayi paaji...



  11. Beautiful...

  12. Woww. very well written and I love the rhyming part and emotions behind your poem. Keep it up :)

  13. Wow! Really touches the heart.
    I visited our ancestral village last summer, and
    was hit by nostalgic memories.

  14. सावन...कांवर...झूले....तीज...कजरी...I miss my village badly..nice post dear.

  15. Beautiful. In fact breathtaking. Such beautiful imagery. Wonderful job. Sure it is one of your best works in poetry for all the sweetness dripping from the words.
    The line "I feel strain forsake my nerve, I feel the return of humane verve" sounds less like an opinion and more a fact for villages have such embalming effects on every sensitive city dweller. I was reminded of my own village and could visualise the beauty and feel the peace characteristic to it. Keep the poems coming :)

  16. Beautiful Sketch. Love the expressive word in each line.