Monday, 18 June 2012

Rain & Flood

(.. calling the rains not to wreak havoc by floods......)

Its time - they'll come again in the band
Salvaging men and land
Then they'll move over the sand and
Crashing on waiting palms and hand

They'll run through the heavens
Where once hailed the sun
They'll find places uneven
They'll always be on the run

But where will the sparrows go
When they come hard in flow
Where will all the ants hide
When they shower in endless ride

Where will the rivers flow
When they brim them slow
What all will they wash
If they deem to turn rash

The feeble shelters on the banks
The many faces that'll tell you thanks
If you don't turn rogue
If you don't overrun hope

And stay away from spawning deluge
Not cause souls running for refuge
Just stay the relief that you are
And not turn into a timeless scar


  1. VERY SENSITIVE TREATMENT OF A NATURAL DISASTER--man needs to be a true human being to escape from turning into a slur on humanity.

  2. What a profound work Anupam! I was teary eyed while reading this..

  3. There cannot be any other humble way to describe the wrath. Sensible Anupam

  4. A very sensible and emotional way of expression yourself. Congraulations!

  5. Very touching Anumpam. Penetrated the heart and could feel the emotions in such tragic times.

  6. Very nice poem.In most of the cases it either doesn't rain at all or rains so much that it'll end up flooding the nature. Nature's ways are unpredictable.

  7. Great work Anupam .... We are so dependent on rains...when will man realize that he has to stop playing with Nature ....

  8. Thanks Indu, Rohini, Mak, Ranjani, Kundan Pandey, Neha & TTT for your continued support and appreciation of my poem.

    I'm delighted by your gesture.



  9. Most sensitively written about Natural Phenomenon.
    From this part of land, we wait for rains...
    This my most favorite topic.
    Please accept my compliments for this wonderful poem :)

    1. Thank You so much Remi de Sousa for your generous appreciation. Its one of my fav subjects too.