Monday, 17 March 2014

Tip - Toer of My Dreams

This is for the woman I live for. 
I Love Her Beyond The Skies 
And the Heavens Beyond.
Time may have kept us apart.
I will nevertheless, no matter what, keep loving her till eternity.

Oh tip-toer of my dreams
And the healer of pains                                         
The rain of springs
And song of autumn evenings

The rainbow of fancies

That you paint in my eyes
With your ardent passion 
And touch of million affections

That you make me believe

In all the richness of life
Amidst the chaos stubborn and glib
You are what holds me alive

Your kisses I haven't known

Yet I've frozen in them all along
Your touch I haven't sensed
Yet celebrated it like a song

Oh fairy of my tender days

One with wings bright and golden
You have come and graced
My barren nights with your love unspoken

What mysteries haunt thee eyes

What moistness await on thy lips
What delight hide in your embrace
What bliss hold your elegance

Your promises are my sunrise

Your tears a somber dusk
Your joys are my nurture
Your love, all my life giving blood

Loving you and your soul

I rise far in the heavens above
I am a canvas of emotions
A gallery of moments

Within days countable in frail fingers
You've brimmed me with ecstasy
Of a thousand eons
Yet forever isn't enough

Let me hence while away my time

All that is left of it in saying 
And taking in return
The only three words that ever mattered

For me, the gardens of paradise 
And the springs of dreamland
Are here in your embrace
And in your loving smile