Friday, 20 April 2012


Where are the sunny days gone,
Why have the frivolities become unknown,
Why I can't relish my days
Despite the countless ways

Why have the birds stopped singing
Where have they been flying
No flutter of wings I hear
No kissing beaks saying "Love You Dear"

Where is the smell of earth gone
Why can't I feel it being born
When the rain comes lashing
And answers our praying

Where have my mates travelled
The lure of the abstract they no more marvelled
In some distant village they found 
Among strangers the reason for an abode

Where have the waves of the sea gone
In their company why I feel alone
Why can't I feel my heart beating
Nowadays when I see beauty walking

Why today I have to try
To stretch my wings & fly
When I used to be air borne
Since the day I was born

Why no more I dance to music
Why do memories make me weak
Why do I remember futilities
Why am I n't pulled by galore gravities

Where is that thrill gone
That never left my heart alone
Where did it die
That I now live with a lie

What has become of me
Things no more, I can touch or see
If they say they're still there
Why then, do they escape my stare?

                                                                                  - Anupam


  1. Why today I have to try
    To stretch my wings & fly

    Left me speechless... The profound portrayal of the loss of that particular sense... and the simplicity makes it more painful..

  2. nice lines...great contemplating through such lovely lines :)

  3. Where do you come up with such lines...even if i sit struggling for days on end, I don't think i can ever come up with something like this....

    keep it on!


  4. Wonderful!! the lines are beautiful and capture the immense emotions that you must have gone through when writing them. As a reader, I could feel the pain. 'Gone' - a perfect choice for naming this piece.

    Enjoyed reading it a lot!

    1. Thanks for relating to my lines. Thanx a lot for ur encouragement