Monday 30 April 2012

Lessons of Life

I wrote this poem, hoping to offer some solace, to a friend who was grieving over the loss of her dear one . I hope my words brought her some comfort. I decided to share it as we are bound to find ourselves in similar circumstances in life. 

I'm drawn to guess,
Something I see amiss
Where she smiles
But something else she cries

A dozen expressions
Mesmeric dimensions
She wears that lovely smirk
Though something makes her shirk

I'll seize this chance
To humbly sing to her life's balance
It offers never, anything with ease
Nor does it intend everlasting peace

It will toss you around
Like a futile toy found
But in that lies the secret -
Life's most riveting test

When it makes you remember
It seals that memory forever
When it makes you cry
You know that you are far from lie

When it causes a fear deep
It wants to strengthen your belief
When it leads you through miseries galore
It cements the glory of your character

Though I lack in intellect
To tell you an explanation perfect
Why it splits us from ones
Those who are dear to our hands

All we can hope is that they're delivered
To some heaven where peace is forever
And we continue to live our life
And call it a gift despite being torn by strife

For those who leave, watch our scars
From distant spaces bet'n the stars
They know our hurt and count our tears
They'd never want us to be stuck here

Instead, they'd say, with love
'Cherish me, smile don't sob
Whenever you think of our days
A joy you must feel like the warm sunrays’

                                                                                                                 - Anupam


  1. that is a beautiful poem

    Instead, they'd say, with love
    'Cherish me, smile don't sob
    Whenever you think of our days
    A joy you must feel like the warm sunrays’

    lovely lines

  2. Life is never easy! Live it one day at a time! Great poem!

  3. Nice poem, very emotional :)

  4. Beautiful poetry... keep penning them... liked it... cheers!

  5. words of smiles will take me up to the miles :)
    beautifully written n will always cherish :)

  6. beautiful poem and u wrote it for a great reason. Would definitely be a comfort to anyone who's lost someone

  7. Great choice of words, touching poetry,keep it up anupam..!!!

  8. Beautiful poem bro! Am sure ur friend would find this poem soothing enough... God bless the departed soul..

  9. Thank You Chirag, Nasir, Jayashree,'Confused Soul', Danny, Neha, Vijay, Jasmeet, SJ, Shamsud, Nupur & Hemal for your kind appreciation of my work. Love you guys !!!

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    With kind regards,

  11. its beautifully written!! keep it up.