Monday, 2 April 2012

A Friend Called Mirror

I was still teething when it was bought,
Wrapped in cardboard with other stock
It was pulled out from the ripped cage,
Pushed to its feet after being melted for days

Like a friend it promised to show
All that we saw but failed to know
It stands tall for it is honest
Standing before it is always a test

Like a healer of ailing
To it every one keeps coming
Day after day it reflects you
Confined to only what is true

It has seen me grow taller
It has also warned me of my vision getting smaller
What you see is up to you to choose
It'll expose alike, your charm and your bruise

It's been my fixed star
To get over my 'inside' war
To decide attires, frowns and smile,
I've never stopped counting on it for a while;

It made me sulk when I looked sick,
It reassured me when I got fit,
It scowled when I pretended
Instilled the confidence and I blended

For hours together ladies persevere,
Gents, nowadays, consume no lesser
The hair strands and the creases on trouser,
Seems impossible to go without saying 'Hello' to each other;

A toddler wondering, an ageing woman fuming,
A teenager unsure, a father's dressing
Its visitors surrendered to its stare,
Bared all, hoping for an assessment fair;

Weird too have been some days,
When a few before it, started mumbling in craze,
Not a word it uttered
Yet a thank they all offered

Days and years have passed,
It still shines in truth's task;
It is an agent, indispensable for sure,
Sooner or later, we all agree, we need a mirror.



  1. no comments here? may be you didn't post this on IndiVine!!! :) you see, i liked the way you wrote about a mirror... or basically i have seen first male to write about a mirror!!!! or may be I have just started reading things since last one month... :) :)

  2. Brilliant! Anupam,
    I always enjoy your posts.
    Wish progress & perfection.

  3. Woah! This poem reminded me of a post i wrote long way back... The poetic expressions are doing wonders to the whole Topic. I feel "mirror" deserved this praise for being with us in our highs and lows!!! lovely poem :)

  4. a simple and lovely poem and that too on mirror..that's the greatness of this poem..loved it..

  5. And if the mirror could speak?Where would we all be!
    See i too have turned a poetess!

  6. Mirror mirror on the wall..who is the fairest of the all- fair by heart:-)fantastic poetry

  7. These two lines "What you see is up to you to choose
    It'll expose alike, your charm and your bruise"-- are powerful lines, isn't it. The mirror reflects us but our mind selects what that image is!!! A powerful metaphor for life itself--as we journey, we choose what we want to focus on the mirror called life! Very nice, Anupam!

  8. Thank You Jayant, Avibration, Shesha, Sakshi, Indu, Sushma and Bhavana for reading my poetry. I'm deeply delighted by your words of compliments.

  9. True, so very true. The mirror shows us who we are. These line of yours remind me of 'Grandfather's clock' and 'Man in the mirror. :)
    Doesn't Anupam mean beautiful? Anupam lines, Anupam. :)
    Thought this might interest you: there's an adage in Malayalam which says -- if you have a 'good' friend, you don't need a mirror.

  10. nice poem and it reminds me of another great poem "The man in the Glass" by Peter Dale Wimbrow Sr.