Friday 6 April 2012

Death Had Come

I woke up from a slumber
Felt as if I had been sleepin' forever
Somehow I didn't turn around
Else I would have broken into a shout

I felt no weight to carry
I felt the absence of worry
Yet when I wanted to touch
I couldn't get anything in my clutch

Supposed to fringe on frustration
On being subjected to this derision
Nothing I felt  though
Calmness prevailed somehow

I glided through space
I left no scent nor no trace
I recalled scenes from last night
Hazy memories of some fight

Since long I had a habit
To go through the paper tit by bit
The world's news was no more needed
I wouldn't have read even if they pleaded

Then I saw the birds staring
And stood still without moving
I heard them speaking
Felt something in my head was creaking

I thought of the garden ahead
And found myself transported
Who said anything about walking ?
It isn't blabber, what I'm saying.

I could hear incessantly
Words spoken endearingly
Somebody calling me somewhere
Blended in the invisible thoroughfare

Barked the neighbourhood cur,
As I walked to its near
Reassuring me of my existence
Returning some of my lost sense

I said Hello as a friend passed,
I jumped out of its way else he would've dashed
Knowing not how to react
I fumbled for the wall of my flat

I knew I was a loner
It was difficult for me to be a talker
Ask the people walking by
Questions full of 'What' & 'Why'

Stuck with these thoughts I sat on the step,
Just then I saw all my friends shouting for help
They had gone past the door
I saw a few crouching on the floor

I eased past them and reached my bed 
And found my motionless head 
Nothing around had changed
Save the fact that I was dead.


(This poem depicts the poet's imagination of the events his soul witnesses after his death without realizing the fact that he's dead. That realization dawns when he follows his friends to his dead body inside his house ).


  1. The trauma, the shock, the confusion and subsequently the realization of the fact that your breaths have ceased. Its a beautiful and profound portrayal... And so very real... Hats off..

    1. Thank You Rohini for connecting so nicely with my portrayal

  2. extremely low key and wonderfully written!

    loved it!

    just could not make a comment using my wordpress id


    1. Thanx for the encouragement. Do read my other works.
      I am following


  3. Rhyming, poetry and love all go hand in hand..and u have proved that ...wonderful poem!!! :)

  4. This is awesome...Nobody knows how it will be after death...but you imagined it very well...Beautifully written :)

  5. Very good and awesome imagination...Reminded me of the movie the Sixth Sense :)

  6. This is remarkable. I wrote a poem on Death but your imagination is beyond everything. This is a masterpiece...:)

    Sorry for a late reply...:)

  7. Thank You Saru,

    You yourself are an amazing spinner of words. So its great to hear this compliment from you.

    just a BIG THANK YOU is all I'll say.

  8. Hi Anupam,

    That was a wonderful piece of verse more so because of the manner you have portrayed the after death experience.

    Keep writing....

  9. it was again a good read dude!

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  11. again a solid one..from where you find those feelings because u are still alive!!

    1. Thank You Jasmin. Just went ahead and imagined it