Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Being Different

Inspired by the following quote

"they all laugh at me because I'm different and I laugh back at 'em because they are all the same" - 
Stay different !!!

There's something in me that tickles 'em,
There's something about me that maddens 'em,
I know not why it is that they laugh at me,
I know not why it is that they scorn me

I wonder if it's because I'm nothing like 'em,
I wonder whether if its a shame ,
That we are not the same,
I wonder if that's why I always take a blame,

I was not like this before,
Running away from throngs galore,
Gasping for a space
Where I wouldn't be called a 'disgrace'

Stealing away from gazes eager,
To silence an indomitable desire,
Everytime I tried to please
It all ended up with me looking down at my knees 

I've heard it all,
Mocks big and small,
Ridicule has its way with me
I'm independent but never free

I've run out of souls,
Who'd assure to not play foul,
When I empty my heart,
They'll not pierce darts

I move about, lost in fancy,
Where I am beyond the frenzy,
Of having to close the gates
Nor take in nor give shades

When will they stop smothering
When will I escape the bothering
There's no end it would seem,
Even if I've always bid for their team

Why is there no place 
Where I can find someone of my race
Its so hard for me to vent
Is it such a deal to be different ?

                                                                                                  - Anupam


  1. Replies
    1. Thanx Anupama.

      I'm glad that you were touched.

  2. its amazing!! I could connect so well...there were lines that were such a ringing truth that I felt I had written them myself... Hats off yet again!

    1. Thank You Rohu

      that's supposed to feel like that. and if u did feel it then u are different (But then, didn't we Know that already ?)

  3. its fun to be different sometimes... :) and other times, its diffcult if mental health or physical challenges keep you different... though it was good reading this one at work!!! :)

  4. Awesome .. very well written ... :)
    I could connect with most of it too perfectly.

    1. Thank You Anjali...I'm happy that you connected with my poem 'cuz that means how unconventional you yourself are.

  5. wow..a poignant one. Very well written!

  6. Very beautiful poem.....I can relate to it..I just think the way you think..

    1. M Glad u relate to it..and think alike...


  7. Why is there no place
    Where I can find someone of my race
    Its so hard for me to vent
    Is it such a deal to be different ?

    love it!

  8. A well written poem Anupam....:-)...keep up the good work...:-)

  9. Insightful poetry, Keep up the good work!

  10. People who step out of the line or think out of the box are always the subject of ridicule. That's sort of an unwritten rule of life. I can relate all too well with the scenario depicted in the poem. It reminded me of one of my poems, The Popular Girls.

    It's quite apparent that the words written were heartfelt. The emotion was very well captured, without being sacrificed for a rhyming scheme. A pleasure to read! :)

    1. Thanks Zainab, for your reassuring gesture.

      And about being different, you have said it so well.


  11. "Why is there no place
    Where I can find someone of my race
    Its so hard for me to vent
    Is it such a deal to be different ?"

    loved it :D