Saturday 21 April 2012

The Affair

Frankie and Lita first met in the neighborhood park, became friends and found the heavens in each other eventually. They never preferred to see each other outside the playground even though initially they had found it difficult to interact under the disapproving watch of their guardians. Frankie being the introvert of the two, would have spent an eternity in approaching Lita, had it not been for the latter's efforts to break the ice between them. They had become friends from the first day, both doubting development of something far more divine inter se. Soon they confronted 
the love that brewed in their hearts for each other. They had been together since that day, faithful, caring and ever eager to bask in mutual affection.. Words of their intimacy traveled with the speed of some far away aroma swimming to famished nostrils. Most who knew their story adored it, a few were against it. Their affair was thus no different.

Once when it rained non stop for almost twenty four hours a short lived coma was etched in their flowing tale. Desperation to catch a glimpse of each other had gotten the better of the two. Frankie forgot his chores and moved about restlessly to an extent whereby he ensured that his restlessness did not go unnoticed. Despite raving opposition from a few over protective members of the family, permission was ultimately accorded to him to go out, though under the glare of Mamita, the babysitter of the five year old Sanket, and the cover of a big umbrella. The moment the towering iron gates were slid open, he literally flew to the park. Tender tunes of some solitary flutist cordoned the two when they saw each other, after a million moments of a cruel bygone day. Her eyes glistened when she saw him walk into the park. There was no one around, except for Mamita and Jolly, the latter being the sole female friend of Lita. The lashing rain had luckily receded into a soft drizzle. Everything around was moist green. The grass in the lawns had overgrown by a couple of inches. The disowned drops of the skies, were being delivered to Mother earth through  remarkable coordination between leaves and petals of small sized plants. Nature was at work to enhance the romanticism and make matters velvet for lovers. Frankie ran to Lita with the playfulness of an infant and the latter cuddled near him lovingly. They exchanged brief pleasantries. Lita noticed that Mamita and Jolly were engrossed in a never ending gossip. They had forgotten their purpose. Lita drew Frankie's attention to this fact. He teemed with excitement at this opportunity. The thirsty had spotted river. They quietly strolled towards the farther end of the garden hoping for a modicum of privacy.

Frankie  walked close to Lita, never letting her out of his sight. He was aware of her joviality and anticipated that she might act silly under its effect with the weather already working its magic on vulnerable hearts. They reached near a small hill of grass, where Lita lied down facing the rain. Frankie  quickly went up to her and became a sheet between her and the rain, ensuring that she did not get uncomfortable due to the incessant pouring on her face. He was sweet to wipe a few drops which seemed to have landed just on her eye lashes making her blink rapidly. Lita and Frankie  kept staring at each other infinitely. Frankie's mind was distracted by something imminent. He saw that Rana and his whole gang of loafers lustily staring at Lita. Rana was infamous for his vulgar antics in the whole neighborhood and his group consisted of filthy, spineless good- for - nothing 'followers' who never stood up against the dishonorable indulgences of their leader. Talks had reached Frankie's ears, of how Rana had molested and harassed several of his acquaintances. A sense of alarm swept over Frankie and he menacingly covered Lita from Rana's sight. The message was clear 'Bugger Off'. Rana and his pals looked teasingly at each other and decided to leave the lovers alone. Rana blinked his eye at Frankie, exclaiming "Lucky fellow" and treaded along, followed by his crew of imbeciles. Frankie did not turn back until he had seen the last bit of the mob disappear into the distant alley. Lita moved closer to him and comforted his raging body. He turned back and they hugged passionately. Lita felt  safe in Frankie's company and he needed nothing else when she was around. They completed each other.

Just when they found themselves transported to divine dimensions, Frankie was jerked out of the reverie. Mamita violently pulled him out of Lita's embrace. Both of them were dragged apart and the matter was reported to relevant people, who were utterly irrelevant to their love saga. It was decided that Frankie  and Lita shall no more mingle with each other. Days no more brought the same excitement and joy for Frankie as he was banned from going to the park. In fact he was prevented from going anywhere. Witnesses to their love story, often passed by his house, conveying to him the depressed state in which Lita sat in one corner of the park, denying herself any kind of socialization. Frankie was hit by a pang of helplessness and sorrow. But he was happy for the fact that at least Lita still visited their park, the immovable testimony of their love. He did not touch his meals, not even his favourite lemon chicken, despite it being alluringly advertised before him. Hallucinations of Lita claimed his sanity. Finally one day Frankie did not wake up, his tongue stayed jammed inside his mouth and his breathing became rapid. He was rushed to the medicine people. The doctor made a thorough diagnosis and seemed dumbfounded as he could not notice any particular ailment, except for the lack of willingness in Frankie  to go on, that too when his life had just begun.

The sixth sense characteristic to dedicated lovers, informed Lita of something ill occurring with Frankie. She too gave up eating and getting out of her bed. She lay still there, speechless and lost in thoughts and prayers. No one noticed. Burdened with guilt of bringing bereavement to the two lovers, Jolly and Mamita decided to help them. One night when, everyone was fast asleep, Jolly and Mamita, informed Frankie  and Lita about their plan. A faint smile adorned the lovers' faces as they saw a beacon of hope in those two people who were the very cause of their suffering. The following night, Jolly and Mamita aided Frankie and Lita in eloping. Elopers' support arrangements had been made in Mamita's village. They had to run till they reached their destination. Rana having previously visited his cousins in Mamita's village, volunteered to show them the way. Noticing her lover's reluctance to accept help from Rana, Lita comforted him and talked him over it. Rana's gang was ready too, but Rana commanded them otherwise. He did not want to risk their strategy by allowing unnecessary fanfare. He insisted on keeping the whole mission low profile.

So Frankie & Lita ran, with vigour long lost, with hopes renewed and with faith in tomorrow where they were  to share their lives with each other. They crossed traffic posts, amidst the glare of fellows who cheered for them and wished them good luck, beyond the banks of the river flanking their home town, not stopping for a moment, climbing high lands, treading rugged paths and braving the chill of the January night. Countless  jumps and leaps later they were greeted by Mamita's younger brother, who embraced Frankie with unabated affection. He had known him since his birth. He greeted Lita and while turning away, shot a playful glance at Frankie who blushed with embarrassment. After all Mamita's brother was a father figure to him, in whose protective lap he had spent his fragile childhood.  He had made a cozy bed for the two of them. He offered them food and water and let them slide onto their bed. Before he retired into Lita's arms, Frankie  conveyed his sincere gratitude to Rana and asked for his forgiveness for having misunderstood him. Rana shot back a Never Mind smile at him and fled away, promising to forewarn him of any impending danger. Nothing bad happened thereafter.

Since that day Frankie and Lita have lived together, in each other's care. They have seen good, bad, stormy and blissful save any moderation in their mutual love.  They often express their deep indebtedness to Mamita, Jolly and the entire family of the former who have so sincerely taken their care. Frankie and Lita have become proud parents to a litter of puppies. They hear humans fondly call their puppies Goldendoodles, aptly named so, after their parents. Lita loves it when they bark, just like their father.


("The Affair" is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person (alive or dead), place or incident is coincidental.)


  1. Enjoyed Reading it... cheers !

  2. bro! good read I would say @ 4 am! ma nephew is hear and wouldnt allow me to read through the day. well let me suggest you to change the theme of your blog page or the appearance! :) :)

  3. Beautiful narration. Congrats.

  4. I cant tell you how much I loved this. Written so beautifully!

  5. For the first time in your story there is a happy ending for a couple..... :)

  6. Hey m back, n can't tell u hw glad I am to b finally accorded the luxury of going through all ur posts one by one n posting my comments. The happy ending makes a perfect start!
    About this story, well nothing extraordinary, except for the fact that your command over the language and the almost lyrical nature of your prose make it a fantastic piece. Some of the lines have amazing similes and the restrained, just-right kind of ending is remarkable.