Friday 7 October 2016

Goodbye My Love

Nothing lasts forever
You don't know it the day
When you say that
It'll last forever

Till you hear the words spoken for you
The adulation showered on you
And the tiny bits of care that once made your day
Now before the feet of someone else they lay

Till you see the way once your hearts were fond
And the courage you brought for each other
Given away to make another's way
And make his life what once your's was

It's when you realize
That the one you wanted to see the world with
Wants to find it by another pair of feet
That's when you know it's time

When the rage wears down
When the anxiety of envy flows past
When the peace of truth returns
That it was never meant to be

It's time to tell yourself
Nothing lasts forever
Not even the promise hidden in tears
Or the sacred vows that define love

It's time to tell yourself
That you're happy for her
That you wish nothing but the best for her
It's time for you to open your secret closet

Gather the packet where you've hidden her unpaired ear ring,
The small smiling picture of the both of you,
The white piece of silk perfumed with her kiss
The memories they've sheltered

And offer them to the will of waves,
Send them to the heart of sea where
They'll pass eternity in company of countless
Tokens abandoned by time

And when you offer those memories to the waves
That's when you gotta whisper 
The voice of your soul and say
'Farewell and Goodbye My Love'


  1. A touchy, yet magnificent farewell

  2. Awesome one bro, touched the hurt. can relate with it deeply.

  3. Sometimes it is necessary to let go. Nice poem.

  4. It touched me today, well versed.

  5. Speechless after reading this....probably the most touchy poem I've ever read