Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Verse of Longing

The early sun nudges me away from you
But where am I going to go?
Your resolute fingers clutch mine
Like a baby dreaming away

Waking before you and watching you
Feeling your breath
Remembering the old, loyal falcate moon
And the love in its light we gave each other

Now that you've rolled your eyes
And moved your lips, reaching for my name
My world's autumn
My heart's bliss

I clutch your fingers back
And still, I don’t say -

If only I could be
By your side
In your love
For all mornings to dawn"


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  2. Third stanza suddenly catches a rhythm. At that point, the poem transforms into a song.

  3. Thank you everyone for reading and showing your love for the Verse. Much appreciated.

  4. Totally in love with this one Anupam... :)

    1. Glad that you like it so much. Thanks Jyotika.