Saturday, 3 August 2013

When Serious People Laugh...

My office celebrated my birthday last week with apparent joy and indulgence. I'm the youngest among the elite (me excluded) lot. So come my birthday, they devise this wacky yet memorable style of celebrating my birthday, which, honestly was refreshing for the somber ambience. We ordinarily work under challenging circumstances. So a little fun is always in the order. And what better occasion than the kid's birthday. Being the point of my senior colleagues' childlike joy and finding them suddenly turning puerile, immensely pleased me.

It was nothing less than feeling belonged. Serious people laughed. It felt good.

Here are a few moments captured from the occasion..

the day starts...just look at the trio at the book rack..conspiring about the proceedings to be

they realized that I'd noticed something cooking..i'm being explained otherwise 

i decide to turn my ears and eyes away

the goodies are revealed..

claps begin..the candles are blown and the knife slices through the cake (look at Sir thumping out of the cubicle behind me..)


mission accomplished...i'm garlanded with chocolates..a fitting gift for the kid of the family..look at the smiles flashing around

birthday bouquet arrives...the special thing about it is that it's hand made by our office gardener with flora from our office garden

look at the teddy in the b'day card....i sure felt like a kid 

after everyone captures the unique garland ... i begin to remove it..oops wait...

how could Sir let me go that easily...I had then to wear it in the manner as directed by him..criss cross...Please don't miss that mischievous smile on his face as he stands besides me.. !!!

It's cake time...


Mr. Nityananda Mohanty..the man who arranged it all..partner in crime

I'm led through the wish and individual signatures on my b'day card


Accepting the bouquet from Das Sir ended the ceremony in the perfect note for me. 
After all he's the Cap'n of the ship.

Another year has gone by. My last birthday feels like yesterday. Back at home that night I couldn't help thinking what I think every year........

I inch closer to oblivion
Like the sun.
Now over head,
Then kissing horizon;
The brightest of 'em all
Yet destined to set

I embrace impending time
Without bidding adieu 
Those many fold memories
Joys, tears, learnings alike

Impending gray, slipping youth
Bound to live such inscrutable truth.


  1. Belated happy birthday greetings to you! :)
    You look handsome!

    1. Nothing is ever belated. Thanks for your wish, Indrani

  2. wishes for birthday as nothing is belated according to you, very nice post, even better poem...serious people laughed lol ... people living with fixed expression is it? :P

  3. If nothing is ever belated then Birthday Wishes,if not Belated Birthday Wishes.

    Are you the next serious man in making ?? :)



  4. Sorry mate for being late. Belated Happy Birthday, Cheers!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday... :-)
    And Good Luck to your Future..:-)

  6. Belated greetings!!

    Wonderful way to celebrate!!

  7. Belated birthday wishes! and a nice, warm post.. :)

    - Vaisakh

    1. Thank you for your wish. I'm glad u dropped by Vaisakh

  8. happy birthday to you sir..and great poem at the end..:)

  9. Happy belated Birthday :)
    Keep writing ...

  10. A belated wish for someone who writes some seriously good stuff :))

  11. a very happy birthday to you. and its really fun to see such ederly yet young at heart people organize a funfilled birthday party at work.

  12. Wish you a very happy birthday ... what better way to know that office staff also indulged in the celebrations ! its always rewarding to get that small bounty from your colleagues and seniors !

  13. Belated birthday wishes . It's always fun when someone decides to celebrate ur bday :)

    1. Hi Jayashree. How've you been ?!. Thanks for your wish

  14. Belated B'day wishes, Anupam

  15. You have beautifully brought out the magic of the day so special to you and the poem is a bonus for us.I regret the delay and end up with my belated birthday wishes for you with a lot of love and warmth.

  16. Belated Happy B'day bhai :)
    Nice to see how your office people celebrate ur b'day ... and the garland was amazing :)

    1. Ha Ha, yeah the garland was amazing. Thanks bro

  17. The indulgence on all those faces! Nice bunch of office mates. Many happy returns, Anupam.