Sunday, 13 November 2016

A River Runs Through Her Cloud

A cloud may love forever the river it chooses
Long to have itself shower into her belovedly bosom
Wait for a point of mutuality
To merge with her measureless love
And flow into the vastness of their shared end
But what does a cloud know about fate
A loving river may abide by his unpredictability, and rage
Devotedly follow his shadow through reckless turns and ways
And beckon still its soul with love;
The cloud then may cascade wholly,
Taking its last drop, into the heart of the river’s soul.

To sail unbelonged but the cloud must learn
For, born it is, to one day
Unmerge and to ether, return
And float again desolate,
Observe from its lonely space
The same river flow how it did before they’d merged
Watch her find a passionate closure
In the infiniteness of a worthy ocean's bosom.
The cloud, is but meant not, to belong to a river
Learn it must the indignity of being
Drunk and vomited by many beds of water and stone
Only circle above the one river
That gave it more than a sparse cloth of brevity
Though brief in length only, their child a universe of memories
Of the epigrammatic union within the safe depths of
Her shelter he worshiped as their home.
The one river whose devout resolve
Had promised his closure by her bosom
And deliver him from his empty journey of drift.


  1. Gave me goose bumps :) Simply touching. Dreaming of a cloud and the river....

    1. Often they end up doing this, words born in the cradle of suffering.
      Thank you Sushma for lending them some ear.

  2. Great how you expanded the metaphor of cloud to vent diverse but painful emotions!

    1. I related to it, hence wrote this.

      Thank you Uppalji.

  3. i think its not about only cloud and river...
    Beautifully presented, awesome thought and presentation.

  4. Extra-ordinary expression Anupam Ji. Only a genius can present such an analogy or a metaphor. It takes a genuine effort to understand its essence and then a sensitive heart to feel what is embedded in the words.

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