Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A Letter For Yesterday

I’d left so long, for so long now
Chasing rainbows and rabbits
A hung guitar and a still smile
How I got here, is always I ask
And if I have forgotten you;
We were simply young
Maybe younger even
But my eyes opened and in daylight
You were all that I could see
And in the singing dusk too

So I keep sayin’ and singin’
‘You’re the one who I never asked
You’re the dream I never had’

Even now I fight
For what I want to see
It’s you still,
Through the grass and the plains
And the games of human chains
You stood close enough
To let me memorize your heartbeat
But not close enough for me

So I keep sayin' and singin'
You’re the one who I never asked
You’re the magic I never had 

In the fine times and the tough
You were the wish I never had
If that chance, I pine,  I’d taken
No one told me you’ll be gone
And that all those were surely a sign
I understand now & I just can't let go
You're the one who I never asked
You’re the Love I never had

Sleepless when I turn into wound
You descend in your satin
You look ditto and known
Kind, gentle and that lily smile
And one hope I fancy
That you’d come knocking
Curlin' your hair and
Twisting your heels by my door
When my lines
Someday will find you

 I keep sayin' and singin'
You're the one I never asked
You’ll always be the best I never had


  1. incredible... heart touching poem sir...

  2. Beautiful poem, Anupam. Loved the whole idea behind it, title and these lines in particular -

    "I keep sayin' and singin'
    You're the one I never asked
    You’ll always be the best I never had"

    1. I am glad you could relate to the idea behind the verses and liked it.

      Thank you very much Saru

  3. This is really very beautiful. Pain and longing well expressed!
    Since blogger is giving me trouble, I am commenting from my WP profile.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you Rachna for your generous appreciation.

  4. Hey Anupam liked this poem a lot....emotional yet factual....good juxtaposition..when you get time visit my blog as poetry is something I love to write

    1. Hi Chaitali,

      Thank you for your appreciation. 'A Letter For Yesterday' was indeed written on a table full of emotions but surrounded by facts seated in chairs.

      I'll definitely visit your blog and read your poems.

      Thank You.

  5. Such a lovely poem.. plus the title too good :)

  6. "you are the one I never asked, you'll always be the best I never had", love the refrain in your poem and the haunting ache despite the smile....beautiful idea!

  7. Amazing poem..Loved those repeating lines 'you are one .....'

  8. Great lines with so much feeling, nostalgia, longing... and acceptance.

  9. Nostalgic :-) Good wishes