Thursday, 6 February 2014


Oh, the trials and tribulations
and I thought it was serene
the queries and the doubts
were what snubbed the feeling

it was sudden to go

as it was when it came
such was the 'love'
Quick it struck in and out 

what i asked on approach

but what was given in a touch
love deceives too
Blinds to the obvious and blinds the search

like a torrid dream

a whirlpool of wishes
now trusting and next losing
vanished like it was never there 

each asked the other

what of the cozy words
promises of being one
in good and bad

the hours that never passed
suddenly ceased to last
the company that be missed
no more difficult to do away with

Hey lovelorn !! the answer never lied

where it was searched
Know this - what seems like love
the purpose may not always serve