Wednesday, 4 July 2012

In Lord's Light

Such is His creation
The marvel of His impression
That seeks to level
All the places uneven

Where the mighty could fall
The weak can grow tall
The cynic shall believe
The lost will arrive

The lonely shall meet
The bitter speak sweet
The proud shall perish
And the humble will rise

The hopeless'll find
Faith by his side
In the darkness 
His rays for solace

If only we could see
What He wishes us to be
All the hints life throws
In its many myriad shows


  1. I like the way you contradicted words, in the lines of the middle verses. Oxymorons.. I think that's what they were. I'm not too sure though. But, they were a VERY WELL representation of "leveling the uneven". And, the last two lines made me smile.. "All the hints life throws In its many myriad shows" :)

    1. Thanks Rehya for your continued support and encouragement. Your detailed analysis of my works always help me ascertain a readers' perspective.

      Much delighted!!!!

  2. Loved this....the written thing was fabulous and the unwritten remains austere and mystic:) Beautiful...

  3. Life is a great leveler indeed. The last paragraph reminded me of the The Alchemist. So much said in so little words!