Thursday, 20 March 2014


He has been such a blind man                 
Just kept thinking about his wishes
Never for a moment he stopped
And thought that he's destroying
Her chances of having a future

He has been such concerned
About his dreams, cravings
Never for a moment he stopped
And realized that he can't return
A dream in reciprocation

He has been so stuck up
With his own thirst and longing
That he never understood that
In fulfilling that yearning
She will never fulfill her own

For whatever chance there be
Of her being happy truly
He must trample his wants
And see that she finds the hand
That can actually with her stand

Today, tomorrow, be truly by her side
Give her the warmth that she'll need
And not be away
But be a man to remain really with her
Give her his touch and remove her fear

And in doing so
He must suffice that
Her heart is not broken
And that the passing of her heart
Is welcome and sane

His suffering might then be endless
But atleast he can pass
With the pride of a lover
That he saved the soul and life
Of the woman who once loved her 


  1. Wonderful lyrics Anupam..actually here to me the blame game does not work..the man works day and night and earn money..the money he actually earns for give her all the luxury..and in this process he forgets to take her along with him and she stands there all alone with the hope that the person whom she loved will return someday..

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