Monday, 19 March 2012


I see the distant end of this road,
Where everyone has told me to unload
They say there 'Stand answers to all my doubts'
And where the sunshine doesn't set nor no one shouts aloud

This long road and my fellow voyagers,
Each I remember and will cherish 'em forever
All started with me and promised to run along,
So lost in the mystic, I sang a song

Of my childhood friends and my first love,
How we held dear and stood so close
Under the first monsoon and through kiss of breeze
Through the parching summer and winter's freeze;

In a while I opened my eyes and reached for,
The one I loved the most, but she stood no more
Other friends, nor the kindest of 'em not also the bravest
I had lost them all to time's test

I can walk no more I don't want nothing,
I curse and swear and I am no more believing 
The words of the wise and their wishes
A mirage is all that I feel this is

I am left to stand alone,
When everyone else got sucked into the throng
That's when I feel footsteps arrive,
Of someone who brings along a freshness sublime;

Radiant and Sure, looks no less than a King
He says without a word "I know everything "
A few words though, he speaks into my ear,
But they sound not so clear

He smiled all the time we spoke,
Though mostly he'd have me with his joke,
I felt he'd come from a different time,
Where the measure of life was not done in dime,

A friend he looked for sure,
But he behaved a father and kissed my head over,
Something stirred in my heart,
He smiled again as if he knew what was that.

And then he too..was gone

But I know only this,
That thence I have walked alone,
Without a hint of fear or tire 
For He's told me that I'll reach the place where I desire. 



  1. Congratulations for creating such a nice blog, especially when judicial officers are running out of time you have patiented to draw beautiful quotes. we hope something best comes out of your experience.

    1. Thanx ...this is not a quote. Whatever you will find in this blog is my original work except the pictures. I wrote the poem myself. When I will quote something then I will surely mention that I have borrowed it from somewhere.

      I really appreciate your support. keep me updated with your views & opinions. It'll help me a lot to improve. Ask your friends to join my blog.


    2. You are correct. Time is very precious in our profession. But creative writing has been my hobby and I just love writing. So whenever I get a little leisure time I take to writing. If I do not then I'll miss out on the tremendous satisfaction that it gives me. All of your support will keep me going.

  2. What does a pilgrim say when he beholds his Lord, what does the flower say when embraced by the sun, what does the earth say when the rains wash it to a happy green???
    They are all speechless
    So am I.