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Immortal - I - The Tale of Ananya's Love

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Dear Readers,

Separated by seven seas, countless hurdles Ananya and her beloved have still lived together five months hand in hand. In these five months they have faced unspeakable agony and resistance from all corners. Yet bound by their innate longing for true love, to hold on no matter what, to never let go, they have stuck together even in the face of unimaginable impediments.

They haven't seen each other in person, neither they have the bliss of each other's touch or warmth. All that has kept them afloat is the faith that they are soulmates, their words, their letters to each other. Doubts creep in, darkness surround often, they struggle, they hurt in that struggle, yet they stand firm together in the end. They have come to the brink of breaking away and returned, only with renewed zeal to love and cherish each other more than ever. Struggling through natural desires in love due to the near impossibility of their fulfillment, fighting all kind of darkness that distance and obscurity can cause, walking, falling, strengthening each other, getting up and walking again, Ananya and her companion go on, through lights and fears, hoping, believing that there is a place beyond all mortal confines and norms where they can be what they want to be, together forever.

Below is one such exchange between both, where they are apparently consumed by feelings of uncertainty and indecision. What is remarkably noticeable is Ananya's strength when everything around them is discouraging, her resolve to make things work when nothing seems redeemable. They are helpless. They are bound by their own life circumstances as strongly as they are bound to each other by their love. The intricacy emerges from the fact that both circumstances tend not to co exist. So they drown in a sea of separation pitted against immense love and longing.

 Ananya's words have inspired me beyond telling. They always do. Her expressions are now my strength to believe in love and cherish her aspirations.

I have not the slightest doubt that they will move you too.

Pray for them, 
Pray for love. .............

Ananya's letter:
 (she explains the vast extents of her love)

 He asked her “Ananya, What are we?”
You are the sun and I the Earth moving around you.
Your rage burns me but without you nothing blooms on me too.

He asked her “Where do we belong?”
We belong beyond time and this world,
When lovers like us are born, they cannot belong anywhere but to each other!

What is our path?
There is no path, no destiny, no end, and no start. It’s just a journey of two inseparable souls.

Where do we unite?
Unison in this world is temporary, we unite when I look at you, we unite when you touch me, and in all gestures of love we unite beyond mortals.

Would we stay?
She smiled, teary eyed, can the wave stop coming back to the shore?
Every time I search you, look for you and call you and every time you say, when did I ever go, my hand is still in yours Ananya…we stay!

 The reply to Ananya's letter:


I may be the sun but once I was a shooting star. Hurled by destiny away into dark voids to end and burn away into darkness. On way I saw you and in that moment I stopped. Since then I have stopped. Not moved. Nor will ever. You say that you move around me. I say I am stable because you move around me, encircle me with life and glory. You say I burn you. Yes I do, because I am burning myself all the time because no matter how strongly we are held together, we are still separated by eternal command. You say I give you bloom. I learnt giving bloom because of you. I never knew how to before. You make me give you bloom. I have dried up oceans near me with my fire, nothing could fan me, yet you who is far from me, is the only being who holds the power to cool me with breeze from your depths. My rage is servile only to your calm.

You say we belong to each other and nowhere else. I say we were created by God, scattered, lured to believe that you or me did not exist, because there was no chance that we would have known about each other and I wouldn’t have moved heaven and earth to make you mine. It took us three decades, half life of mistakes and truck load of wasted emotions to reach each other’s arms. Now that we have, it’s time we stayed there, in each other. Forever.

Yes it is a journey. No end is known, no beginning defined, no places of stoppage determined. All that we know is that as long we are voyaging we are together. We ll see, hear, learn and adapt as we walk on. There will be moments when fatigue, self doubt, illusions will detract, but I know for a fact that if I have your hands in mine I will not stop.

It takes a certain immortality to understand how love can be fulfilled beyond life, how love can be sustained in absence of any gratification when love is apparently dependant on senses. Our love is free from dependence on wordly ways. It has a mind unique, a purpose divine and a destination beyond time and world. Our union is difficult in this world yet achieved before we came to this world and will remain so beyond our lifetimes here.

When you smiled teary eyed and said that we are wave and shore, I held your face and kissed your tears and wiping them I tell you that like the waves, I will endlessly keep coming for you. Defying time’s command never to be with you, I will hold on to my faith born out of your love’s strength, and I will keep driving myself in one and only direction, the direction of your arms. Time and destiny will never be able to rob me of my faith that I shall be yours and only yours and make you only mine.

As the song of a lover
Giving peace to heart
You bring to me shelter
And settle this wanderer

As the bloom of autumn
And the sunshine of winters
You give me hope and
Sprinkle loveliness with your hand

Like a stable shore to
A drifting vessel
You gave me purpose
Caused end of my aimless search

As a dazzling star
In the sky of nights
You shine and brighten
My dark and lonely life

Like a hopeful morning
Like a cause of faith
You drove all pain
Reminded me to live

Like a solace on wounds
And balm on burns
You made me heal
And made me yours forever

Their love strengthened vastly after the letters.

                                                                                                                              to be told further.....


  1. Anupam a beautiful narration of a long distance love story that faces a lots of turmoil yet survive because of the love and trust between them..the way you expressed it is wonderful..enjoyed thoroughly..

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  2. Very very impressive.Liked it.

    1. Thank you Ankita for reading Ananya's story

  3. Such a beautiful story you've weaved into words Anupam. :)

    1. Its the truth which I have tried to share. Thank You Yamini for noticing the beauty in Ananya's story.

  4. A beautiful and touching love story. Well-narrated. Waiting for the next part.

  5. A Liebster awaits you on my blog :-D