Monday, 27 January 2014

If Only

If I could be born again
If only I could love and live again
All the chances ignored
If only those could come again

If only I could be in yesterday
If only I could stop again
All the beauty overlooked
If only those could form again

If only I could return
To all the failures again
All the points missed
If I could learn again

If only life were another once
Kinder to me in time and chance
If only a bit more I could savour
Content, I would close forever


  1. Hi Anupam,
    Regrets? But present beckons.

  2. If indeed those opportunities returned, how differently would i have lived my life!

  3. Sometimes we want to look back and wish to live again in another way. Have you seen the movie 'Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind'- it says things that are supposed to happen will happen in the same way again. If I could go back in time, I would be a different person with a different life and a different motive. May be lesser sufferings would mean lack of insight, wisdom and depth and more sufferings in coming days! I was just pondering over your poem. Nicely written :)

  4. Surely many of us do regret and would love to have that once chance to relive our pasts. A good post if there are any Einsteins on the block invent a time machine please, i would surely love to relive my school days and have loads and loads more of fun. Life as a grown up isn't half as exciting.

  5. What you have now is so much more special than yesterday. Look back to learn but look ahead to live.

  6. We learn from our mistakes and then we yearn to go back and erase them,