Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Exploring Our Justice Delivery System

  1. )            On Law Making & Myths About the Justice Delivery System
      " Avinash : You know, at times I really think that the law is aptly called blind. Why else is there 
                      so much injustice all around, despite libraries full of Codes, Laws, Regulations and 
                      Rules in our country. The discontentment has climbed upto an extent where people 
                      call law an a** . Ever thought why is it so ?

       Me :        I think it’s mostly because of the popular perception that law serves the interests of 
                     only the powerful and the privileged, while the un privileged suffer................... "

                    (Read more at On Law Making & Myths About the Justice Delivery System)

     2. )           On Free Speech, Media Trial & Prejudice

                   "There's nothing more sanctimonious in any democracy than the freedom of speech 
                    and expression. But we must understand that like any other freedom, it too is not 
                    absolute and it is subject to reasonable regulations and restrictions................"

                    (Read More at On Free Speech, Media Trial & Prejudice )

     3.)           Justice in Jeopardy... Why ?

                  " ....what is essential in this context is that when we read or hear against our judicial 
                    system we, as responsible persons, must also strive to analyse the cause (s) behind those 
                    facts.... "

                   (Read More at Justice in Jeopardy... Why ? )



  1. Interesting , all i beleive in is justice delayed is justice denied..

    and we need an ovehaul of our justice system sooner than later.. it is in a a mess


    1. That's right. I hope you understand why justice is delayed.

    2. I believe and I may be wrong .. there cant be any reasons and nothing understand..

      the problem is that we try to understand and NOT say anything , the reason why we are , where we are..

    3. I don't really understand what do you mean when you say that there can't be any reason.

      Anyways I've written everything in my knowledge in "Justice in Jeopardy...Why" as to why there is a delay in disposal of cases. As far as saying anything is concerned, I have also stated therein who has said what to improve the situation. As far as doing those things is concerned, I've stated who is supposed to do those things. I believe that is how it ought have been SAID. But I'd be really happy if you could say how to say what you intend to say to those who should be told those things.

  2. sorry , I am not questioning what you have written or not written. I have just commented my views.. on the whole judiciary as it works, hence the statement that its is my beleif that even though you have pointed out so many reason and how it works and why it works STILL

    those reasons should not be there..

    I am a NObody to tell anything to anyone, so please pardon me if I have said anything wrong.

    1. Dear Bikram

      I was genuinely asking for your suggestions. And of course, as you've rightly said, those reasons which pull our justice delivery system back should not be there. But the point I've tried to make is that more often than not the judiciary gets blamed for those reasons, when actually it's the executive which holds the key to certain vital upgradations in the justice delivery infrastructure of our country.

      Please don't take me amiss, Bikram, I was genuinely interested to know your idea, since you said that we don't say anything but only understand. And I've a open mind to accept dissent of my dear readers, provided ofcourse that they are rational and tend to be relevant.
      We all know that you are genuinely inclined to see our justice delivery system improved and rid of it's present afflictions. Hence you have every right to debate and place your point of view.

      Hence, feel free to share your views.