Saturday, 5 May 2012

Non Stop Generosity

The"Versatile Blogger Award" was first passed onto me by Gayathri ( ) about a month back.

By one way or another, I have been again conferred with " The Versatile Blogger Award"  by:-

1) Jayashree ( on 3rd May

2) Saher ( ) on 4th May

3) Jasmeet Kukreja ( ) on 4th May

4) Vijayabhaskar Siddareddi ( ) on 5th May

 I congratulate them for bagging the award and I heartily thank them all for passing it onto me.

 I sincerely believe that I am far away from the greatness characteristic to the writings of some of the Versatile Blogger Award ees whom I have read. So I stand greatly encouraged by the generous gestures of my fellow bloggers, in having considered me for this recognition..

As per the norm, I have also conferred this award on :- Amit Agarwal ji            Subhorup

They have to do these things :- 
•Nominate fellow bloggers
 •Inform the bloggers of their nomination
 •Share 7 random things about yourself
 •Thank the blogger who nominated you (with blog link)
 •Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post

Now the 7 facts about me, which I gotta tell all of you are:-

1. I strongly believe in God. For me He exists.

2. I love writing

3. I love reading

4. I  adore and respect people who tread on unconventional paths

5. I can do anything for my family. Its my biggest strength. I will give up anything which tends to compromise my family's happiness.

6. I love travelling.

7. I am crazy about films.

(That was really difficult to summarize).

Congrats once again to my fellow awardees.

Thanx again Jayashree, Saher, Jasmeet, Vijayabhaskar Siddareddi fo giving me this award.



  1. Woohoo!!! Way to go!! Hearty Congratulations!! :))

  2. Hi Anupam! Congratulations on winning the award - over and over again! Thank you for considering me worthy of the award!

  3. Congratulations Anupam and reading from the facts you are so like me except for I don't like movies that much. Thanks a ton for the award. It feels great every time to be appreciated by fellow bloggers...:)

  4. Congrats Anupam....The number is proof enough of how worthy you are despite the modesty from your side! Keep writing :D

  5. Hey congrats Anupam. I ended up writing a paragraph for each of the 7 things. So agree with you on 4.

  6. Congratulations Anupam. That sure is a lot of awards to be coming your way and is just a reflection of the value of what you are doing with your writing. Keep at it, and thanks for sending it in the direction of The Operative Note.

  7. celebrations! for winning the award multiple times! :) keep it up!

  8. Check this out :

    You are appreciated

  9. Congrats Anupam, and thanks a lot for passing it on to me:)

  10. Thank You Rohini, Suresh ji, Saru Singhal, Jaish,Obsessive Mom, Subhorup, Rupertt, Jayant, Shamsud bhai and Amit ji

  11. Thumbs up on the bloggers you conferred your award to, they are great! And also liked the 7 things about you. Got lots in common. Keep being so versatile!