Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Brighter Sun

The world, in the words of my father, has become ruthlessly unkind. As if nature's nature has suffered such unforgivable betrayal from its most promising limb - humankind, that at times it seems that it is no more concerned about our survival. The anguish is mutual for we too have surrendered our entitlements from it without a question. Factions, greed, communalism, selfishness have vanquished what once used to be our distinguishing marks, and in turn the human race and the facade of its character. Life seems to be on a course to come a full turn to the short brutish type that it used to be in times ancient. Men kill at the drop of a hat and have flown miles from the cradle of mother nature. We have become inexplicably self centred and unconcerned about the greater good of the greater number, the very essence of social cohesion.

Hope, notwithstanding extreme aridity, is also man's disposition and in its reaping I trust that we can salvage the future. I am heavily relying on the redeeming adage that "It's never too late". That we are capable of rising above our temptations, our own self, our greed and our hostilities. That we are equipped with the moral fiber to think beyond us and our comforts. We are endowed with the angelic share of composition to sacrifice, to be selfless, to accommodate and to love. 

Take a look at Project Sunlight.

For our children. For tomorrow.

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