Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Love, What Else !!

I have always believed that there is perhaps any life changer as love. It can transform lives of the souls it touches. It can make the universe a beautiful place to stay in or conversely in its departure, strip the beauty of the most serene things in life. And there is no love without perseverance, without the ability to understand all the unsaid things. I'm sure that ability comes to you when you fall in love. It need not be said. What is to be cherished both have to cherish and what is to be suffered, both must endure it together, I mean really together. If you expect, you also have to give back. It can be very taxing, but also fulfilling. I believe relationships are the most challenging enterprises. But all I see around are shattered ties, due to lack of tolerance and patience and the will to be there.

My story begins where most end. I fell in love with the girl of my dreams in the most unique and exceptional of circumstances. She lives far off, I mean so far that I wake up when she goes to bed. We don't see the sun together. But we found our togetherness in all the lack of proximity, all the absence of fulfilment of human needs to see, feel, touch and have each other in our arms. The only thing we have at our disposal are our words. Our only means of communication - letters. As classic it may sound, its true. We haven't seen each other. Its been a month. We occasionally talk but we exchange written words as the only way of expressing our affection. Despite all hurdles that one can possibly fathom, I stay loved by her. I cannot even begin to describe the impediments we face on a daily basis. Its like we live everyday with extraordinary passion and commitment. Unflinching and unaltered love.

She would do evrything that I need. She would wake me up every morning with her gentle kisses. I get told that she made breakfast for us, something she remembered I like. In my most trying times she would pamper me and caress me and comfort me. She would stay with me whole night, night after night ensuring that I don't feel restless in her absence. She has showered her affections immeasurably on me and made me the happiest man in this world. All by her letters. I think of her and wonder what great deeds have I done to deserve such a wonderful woman as her. If I attempt to write what she does for me and the way she loves me and takes care of me, all the pages of this world will not suffice for my telling.

She has embraced all my weaknesses and respected them. I hope and wish to do the same for her. She know my strengths too and enhances them with her inspiring love. The way she pampers me and takes care of me, makes me want her even more. I have never felt more blessed in life. Her love makes me believe and want to be a better man. Her love teaches me to be patient, kind and be forgiving. Her love teaches me to believe in light.

We don't live together. We understand our circumstances. We live in each others eyes and in our heartbeats. With our experience of pain and complexities of life our resurrection perhaps lies in each other's acceptance of it. We are born to remain in natural need of each other's affections and acceptance. Everything else is secondary.

For all the past present and future and all the challenges that test our bond our lovestory is one for the history books in its unfolding. We were always meant to be with each other. It was like we were made in each other's reflection and then scattered away far. So far away that no one could have imagined us coming together. But the idea of soulmate is what defines our bond. She found me. I will be forever indebted to her that she found me. Else I would have spent my whole life searching for true love and the bliss of it. It took us three decades to come together. But we did. I cannot imagine anybody else loving me and taking care of me and comforting me like the way she does. I belong with her.

I remember her voice and everything falls silent. It comes and goes like a temptress. It teases my ears and my senses. The words I hear her speak become velvet in her mellow tone. Something crumbles within me. It snuggles in response to the affection blended in her voice. In her happiness lies my greatest strength. In my strength lies her happiness.

In love lies our only hope.

I give her my all.


  1. That was intense. Well written Anupam

  2. Love is like that! Wonderfully penned, Anupam!

  3. I agree word by word to what Jaish_Vats said above bro...keep writing :)

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